Seungkwan SEVENTEEN says Sowon GFRIEND is his girlfriend

Seungkwan SEVENTEEN shocked everyone when calling Sowon GFRIEND his girlfriend.

On Tuesday, Seungkwan was present in the latest episode of the 'Idol Room' program on JTBC.

Through the program, Seungkwan showed its ability to create a fanchant for the 'Idol 999' segment by MC Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

The MCs said, "I heard SEVENTEEN is the best at making fanchants. Try making fanchants for us.

"Getting the request, Seungkwan without hesitation made rap in the form of rap with beatbox accompaniment. When mentioning Sowon's name, Seungkwan surprised everyone because he accidentally said, "My girlfriend is Sowon."

Hearing that Defconn immediately asked, "Are you really close to Sowon?" Which was immediately denied by Seungkwan, "We just greeted each other," he panicked.