Keyakizaka46 Drama Re:Mind Episode 02 Full Review

Hiragana Keyakizaka46 Drama Re:Mind Episode 02 Review and how to download it in Eng Sub Thai Sub Indo Vietsub Espanol ...
Good evening. The remind drama is now entering episode 02, have you enjoyed it so far til eps 2. Acting from Hiragana Keyakizaka46 members still not maximized.

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I am sleepy and sleepy and I am desperately opening my eyes. .

Why do people want to go to bed?

Something you want to tell everyone!

The 5th single individual handshake party has accepted the third entry
All parts sold out, ✨ !!!!

Thank you so much indeed.

I do not know if my feelings convey well on my blog,
I hope I can return it to one person firmly at a handshake meeting

I wonder what.
I still can not believe it much

Every single handshake meeting the next single
Totally sold out Aiming to have a lot of people talking about trying hard together,

One of several goals came true at the fastest speed this time.

I am surprised to be honest as it was my dream too big for me.

As I thought, the 5th sheet single opportunity,
Look at the cheeks

I wonder if there are more people who think to go once.

If so, I'm happy.

Although not all of it has been reported yet

I want to deliver various feelings little by little.

I hope this time will lead to the next step again
I'm going to try my best(;_;)

Everyone we can meet you wait!

And this again new!

I started from yesterday,

I participated in "Kon no Kiseki" new CM presentation today ~

Are you playing any more?

Free time I can hear many of the members' voices in the dressing room
It is a very mysterious feeling.

We got our Chibi character 's cookie from the app!

How a person!
There are members for 21 members - ー ー ー ー ー

To make it even more exciting Kiseki
I will do my best!!

Well ... it's cold so do not catch a cold.

Rika Ozeki