How to Choose a Car Seat with Replica or Synthetic Leather Material

Seat or seat on the car to be one part that did not escape the change. Convenience becomes one of the reasons consumers, because the interior is directly felt by passengers along the way.

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Today various basic seats are marketed in Indonesia. One of the most nge-hits namely the material with a leather seats replica or known as synthetic. Understandably, the price of synthetic leather is quite affordable.

Well, although cheap but there are some that must be considered to know the synthetic leather is good and true. According to Thjie Tjie Fie, Assura Marketing Manager Accura (synthetic leather seats Accura), to determine the quality of synthetic leather upholstery can be done in several ways.

First, he said, to check the synthetic leather seats can be seen from the scretch or the line that is touched using the nail.

"Usually if a cheap swipe with a nail there is a line or surfacenya out. Conversely, if the material is good there is no line. Especially with the key, "said Thjie.

Thjie Tjie also revealed that the characteristics of a good synthetic leather should have a smooth and similar surface to the skin. Nevertheless, synthetic leather upholstery also has a variety of styles one of the most popular is the model of orange peel.

Synthetic leather quality can also be done by withdrawal to see the flexibility. Good models do not stretch quickly. Although visible cavities, but not quickly absorb water.

"In addition to the model of cheap leather materials usually quickly fade, because the quality of the material," he said.

As for the normal age of use, synthetic leather is usually not easily fade in year three and durability can be used up to five years.