Check out these Tips Choosing Right Insurance Claim for Your Rental Car

Maybe you include a rental businessman who is also being hit by the confusion of choosing insurance for your car rental business.

The name has a car rental business would be a car will often go out to travel. In fact, not infrequently travel a considerable distance too.

Frequent car taken out to travel will certainly increase the possibility of cars hit by various types of damage to the loss of the car because it was stolen.

isurance rental car.png

As a precaution to provide extra protection on our cars, then having car insurance can certainly be one solution.

Car insurance is only two types, namely all risk and TLO. But which of the two are really suitable chosen to insure the rental car?

The best vehicle insurance portal recommends the following tips for choosing the right insurance claim for your rental car:

Understand the notion of both types of insurance

The first step in choosing a car insurance is to understand the understanding of both types of insurance.

This type of all risk insurance is an insurance that covers all the risks that may befall either the car or car users from the level of minor damage to severe damage to the risk of loss of the car due digondol thief will be covered by the car insurance.

Examples of vehicle insurance products recommended from this type of insurance is all risk vehicle ACA, MAG, or Sinarmas.

As for the insurance TLO (Total Lost Only) is an insurance that only cover heavy damage that the percentage of damage to the car reached 75% to losses due to loss of the car due to stolen.

TLO insurance also covers the car damage caused by severe fires.

Consider expanding insurance coverage

What needs to be more careful about all risk insurance is though comprehensive that cover all the damage that may be experienced by the car, but this insurance does not protect the car from certain events.

Examples of events that may cause damage to the car but not on the cover of all risk insurance are damage due to floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters as well as damage caused by less responsible acts of violence such as terrorism and sabotage.

If you want to get a comprehensive coverage of cover insurance coverage, for example if you live in flood-prone areas, then you must expand the insurance coverage of all risk.

Remember yes, the expansion to be taken will make the value of all risk insurance premiums to be increased as well.

Understand the calculation of the premiums of both types of insurance

If viewed from the cover power of damage damage covered by the insurance, of course all risk insurance covering almost all damages have a higher premium value when compared with insurance TLO only covering big damage and loss only.

In addition to the many risks covered by the insurance, usually the insurance also determines the value of different premiums for the year the car is made.

Often the calculation of the premium value will be obtained from the calculated percentage that has been set by the insurance multiplied by the price of the car to be insured.

If you may still hesitate to determine which type of insurance is most appropriate for your rental car, then you can also combine the two types of insurance. Of the two types of insurance you do not take simultaneously.

The car rental business does lend a car. Of course consumers who borrow will also prefer a new car for their lease.

Therefore surely new cars will be more often out wear than the cars that have long. All risk insurance is very appropriate to be chosen as insurance that protects new cars.

You can choose all risk insurance for new cars from the first year to the second year or possibly until the third year since the purchase of a new car.

After three years of all risk car insurance time, you can replace all risk insurance with TLO insurance that handles major damage to the car.

Because after the age of three years, usually the car will be less often hired by consumers.

You need to know also, the insurance also set the amount of different insurance premiums.

You must first compare the premium of some insurance companies.

Of course that sets the lowest premium value with the most damage cover power is the best insurance option.

The credibility of the insurance company should also be careful that if you make an insurance claim, your insurance claims are also dealt with immediately.