CKG48 Team C debut setlist theater stage 'Di Yi Rencheng'

CKG48 Team C 1st Stage Di Yi Rencheng

Sister of the new SNH48 group based in Chongqing City, CKG48 will soon be debuting their teter. The theater debut will be held for both teams Team C and Team K with different performances.

Team C, which is the group's first team, will stage a premier debut from Team K. Team C will hold its inaugural theatrical performance on November 3, 2017 at CKG48 Star Dream Theater. Their first stage theatrical performances will use GNZ48 Team NIII's original repertoire 'In Yirencheng'.

In Yirencheng which means 'First Person' will be changed concept by Team C which is different from Team NIII. Here is the contents of the repertoire.

 Overture (GNZ48 Version)
01. Wake Me Up
02. 还in 5 秒 到 Hai (Hai you wu miao daoda) / There are 5 Seconds To Achieve
03. 梦ы 冒险 (Mengjing Maoxian) / Dream of Adventure
04. 第 1 人称 (In Yirencheng) / First Person

 05. 精灵 (Jingling) / Genius 06. Pink Sniper
07. 上下 左右 (Shangxia Zuoyou) / Up Down
08. 暴走 少女 (Baozou Shaonu) / Escape Girl
09. Mario My Love

10. 少女 革命 (Shanu Geming) / Girl Revolution
11.Never Land
12.We Can Try
13.Ba Ba Ba

 14. 为了 你 (Weile Ni) / For you
15.Never Give Up
16. 这样 的 我 (Zheyang de Wo) / It's Me

Setlist In Yirencheng also has 6 English song titles. The national anthem of Team NIII 'N3ver Give Up' was changed to 'Never Give Up'. The Team C logo has also been announced, as is usually the color of the group's first team logo will be the same as the group logo. The wing-filled emblems and butterflies embody the hope that Team C can dance as beautiful as a beautiful but beautiful butterfly dance.