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9 Ways How to Create an Blog Post Title That Attracts Visitor Attention

Why should we bother to find out how to create a good and interesting article title?

Some of you may have the question.


Just imagine:

You get a brilliant idea about a topic - then you work hard to write a truly quality article and will definitely help your blog readers.

You are satisfied with what you have written. It's time for you to publish the article - and not quite there, you also promote it in various Social Media.

You are waiting ... waiting ... sil ...

No comment. No one shares your writing. And even worse - not even one person is interested in clicking and reading your article.

What is wrong?

On the other hand..

You find other bloggers who write the same topic. You see the article is not as complete as your writing.

The way of writing is also no more interesting than your article.

But you see the post gets a lot of likes and some are sharing it on social media.

You also see the article getting comments - which is proof that anyone reads it.

How can it be like that?

There are several decisive factors - such as the Authority's level of Blogger or his blog, the number of followers in Social Media, and most important of all - the title of an interesting article.

What is it that can interest you and decide to click an article to read its contents?

Try to compare:

  • How To Powerfully Eliminate Acne Overnight


  • 3 Ways It Will Help You Eliminate Acne Overnight

The contents of the article is actually the same, but if asked to choose - then which of the two titles above you will click?

It seems obvious - the majority of you would choose to click on the second title and ignore the first one.

Similarly with others, it makes no difference to you, they will also decide only on the title of the article - whether to read more or not.

And more interestingly, some case studies have proved that:
The majority of people share articles only by title alone - without ever reading the contents at all.
For those of you who have been routinely using social media must be aware of the phenomenon.

Until here, I'm sure now you already understand why it is important to master how to write an interesting article title and also good.

Now ..., we are headed to the main discussion of this article - that is how to create an interesting article title so that it can provoke clicks, get likes, or share by people.

Let's start...

9 Types of Blog Post Title Always Successfully Attracts Reader / Visitor Attention 

1. General Formulas Make Titles Effective 

Before stepping into a variety of more specific article titles, you should first understand the general formula or terms of a title can be said good and true.

What are they?

There are 5 components contained in the formula, namely:
  • Number
  • Reason (Basic) - words that convey values, for example: ways, secrets, tips.
  • Keywords - words / phrases that explain the topic of the article
  • Sifat (Description) - for example: the best, surprising, beautiful
  • Appointments - results that readers will get after reading the content
If you look, I'm sure you'll all agree to say that making an effective title appeals to readers - "Easy".

It's so easy that so many bad article titles have those components in it. 

Pay attention!

Incorporating all these components in the title of your article is easy - it is difficult to mix or get the right combination.

So the title of your writing will not only look interesting, but also will 'feel' special.

And here's what you'll learn more below. 

2. How to Create a Tutorial's Blog Post That Makes People Interested

Tutorial articles are one of the most searched-for articles by internet users.

Therefore I am sure the majority of you must have very often created post titles that begin with the word 'How to' or 'Easy ways'.

In general, the formula for making the title of an interesting tutorial article is: 

How To + Action (Actions) + Benefits / Benefits For Them

  1. Easy Ways to Eliminate Fat in the Stomach In 3 Days
  2. How to Increase Number of Blog Visitor Without Adding Articles
The selling value that makes 2 examples of the title of the above article to be interesting and 'fishing' people to click on is the benefits / benefits provided.

Many people want to get rid of the fat in their stomach quickly, if then there is a promise it can be done in 3 days - surely they will feel very loss if missed it (do not read it). 

Pay attention!

It's important to really present what you've promised in the title you made - because you certainly want them to come back to your blog.

If the contents of your article is qualified and in accordance with the promised in the title, then the possibility of your articles to be shared also will surely increase. 

3. Reason Articles Which Present List (Blog Posts List) Always Preferred

This relates to the first component in the general formula of making an effective title - as I have mentioned above: Figures!

Based on data from 1 million most popular content titles, Noah Kagan (one of Top Blogger) found that the article that presents the list is in the first position.

how to create seo friendly blog post title.png

This is concrete proof that people love listings.


There is some reasons.

First, numbers provide clarity. 

Just like you, readers of your blog also prefer to read something more clear (they can imagine).

As an example:
  • Various Interesting Places in Papua that Must Be Visited
compare with ...
  • 7 Interesting Places in Papua Which Must Be Visited
In the first article title using 'various sights'. While in the second title, there immediately mentioned '7 sights'. 

Now which is more clear to you? Which is more specific? Which one would you rather click on?

Of course, the title of the second article.

And the data also say the same thing, people prefer who use numbers - because they feel more certain with what they will get.

If referring to an example - then they will be able to ensure that there are 7 sights to be reviewed in the article.

The second reason why list articles are so favored is - because it feels easier to read.

The number makes the reader able to skim (read quickly) an article. They will see each section at a glance, and will stop at the part they think is most interesting - to read it completely. 

It makes them feel more comfortable. So do not be surprised if the data also found if the title of the article that includes the number of get the highest click.

4. What Makes Your Readers Feel Curious?

Furthermore, one type of title that also get a lot of share is - Question.

The simplest example is what I wrote in the sub-heading above.

So give your reader a question about something they want to learn or know more about. They will click to read more or share your article because the question indicates if the answer is in the article. 

Pay attention!

Do not just ask questions.
One of the keys to successfully making this type of article title effective is - by asking a question that instantly gets them involved.
As an example:
  1. Do not ask - "How to get rid of acne overnight?"
  2. But ask - "How to get rid of your acne overnight?"
I'm sure you can feel the difference in sensation between the two. 

5. 3 Mistakes When Writing Blog Posts Title Frequently by Bloggers

Before you get too late ...

This section will not really explain the mistakes you made when creating the title.

The above sub-headline is just an example of the next formula we will discuss - using the word 'error'.

In general, everyone is afraid of making mistakes. Therefore, using the word 'mistake' in the title is almost always effective at getting everyone interested to read it further. 

The reason?

Especially if not for curiosity.

Even if we believe we have not made a mistake about something related to our self, our environment, or our work - we are still curious to read it - just to make sure we do not make a mistake.

Pay attention!

The key to success from titles using the word 'mistake' is on the right placement between your topic and your audience.

So try to understand again who your greatest blog audience is - explore what things they care about - and make an article about the mistakes they might make on those topics.

I'm sure your article will definitely be popular if presented well. 

6. Here's The Best Title Formula!

Not without reason if the Advanced Marketing Institute makes Emotional Marketing Value Headline . 

blog post tips seo friendly.png

A study conducted by Dr. Hakim Chishti (a renowned researcher) - found that certain words can evoke emotions better than others. And he also gets evidence that emotions can encourage people to act.

The results of this study not only provide tremendous input in the world of marketing, but also in the world of blogging.


Because if the title of the content you share successfully affects the emotions (feelings) of people, then it is likely they will take action - whether it's commenting, giving like, sharing, or whatever.

Garrett Moon of CoSchedule has even shown evidence that this article title model can increase the amount of share in social media. 

Then how to make it?

Here's an example and a brief explanation:
  • Original Title: 7 Ways to Make Backlinks That Have Been Proven
  • Better Title: 7 Ways to Make Backlink It's Proven and Easy to Follow
The reason why more interesting: Because you will not only get a way to create a proven backlink, but you can also follow the way with ease. It's a win-win!
  1. Original Title: The Importance of Setting Targets and Enterprises To Reach It
  2. Better Title: You Do not Have to Always Reach the Set Targets 
The reason why is more interesting: The title will help make the reader feel better with the failure they've experienced. The article will be read and shared by them - because it reflects themselves as a human being. 

7. Confused How to Compete With Competitors? Take advantage of Famous Brand!

If you want to discuss topics that have been very often discussed by many other bloggers, then most likely you will find it difficult to make it look prominent among others.

The same thing you will usually experience when creating articles with a topic that is complex.

Then how to solve it?

There is one technique that is actually simple, but very effective - that is by mendompleng famous brand name.

As an example:

There are so many bloggers who have written the content. Even though your article is more complete - more unique - or easier to understand, it is still difficult to convince people to click and read it. 

You may not create an 'overproud' title, such as:
  • How To Care For The Most Complete Natural Skin (Guaranteed Very Complete!)
The weakness of the title model as above is in the content you provide. Because if you present is not as good as the title - then the value of your authority will immediately fall in the eyes of your readers. And they will remember it forever.

Therefore take advantage of the name / brand famous to make the title of your article more interesting.

  1. How to Take Care of Natural Skin a la Miranda Kerr?
The title above will be easier in attracting people's attention and you also do not give too much promise. 

8. Combine Title With Sub-Title

The purpose of combining titles with sub-headings is to add clarity to your potential visitors.

Currently presenting a 'smart' article title like putting in some long tail keywords in a title is not as effective as it used to be.

Hummingbird algorithm has brought significant changes in ranking in the search result page.

As I've mentioned in future SEO articles and also simple case studies in SEO techniques by taking advantage of human psychology - your real war is to attract people's attention, not attract the attention of robots.

Here's an example of an article title with this technique:
Preferred Women's body that attracts men: 5 The Most Interesting They Are

9. Easy Ways To Titles Your Articles Can Always Attract Visitors

If the above sub-headlines can make you enthusiastic and want to know how, then that means I'm quite successful at providing examples.

Sorry ...

Because of the fact, there is no easy way to make you as an expert overnight.

This article will definitely help you to be better than 80% of other bloggers out there, but you also have to practice - and that takes time. 

The essence of this article writing technique is - you are saying that there is a (more) easy / simple way to solve the problems experienced by your readers.

The title of the article as above will always look interesting because the majority of people are busy - pretentious - lazy. They want it all easier and if necessary fast.

As an example:

You would be more interested in reading ...
3 Simple Tips That Are Powerful To Stop Hair Loss
compared to ...
3 Tips on How to Stop Hair Loss 

In conclusion: 

If talking about increasing traffic and share (in social media) - then the title is the most important part of your content.

Creating titles that always attract people to click, likes, or shares is not easy - you need a lot of practice and deep understanding.

9 ways to make the title of an interesting article that I submit above is a proven formula and you can directly use to write a better post title.

So, start to apply it to the content on your blog.

Good luck!