Most Interesting and Instagramable Destinations Travel in Batu Malang

"Welcome, Hail Culture".
This welcome sentence that will slide from the lips of each crew who served in Museum Angkut, Batu, Malang, East Java. Hospitality smile officers in a costume superhero and custom clothing Indonesia will you find in every corner.

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Museum Angkut is a museum containing a variety of world transportation tools. Starting from Indonesia to abroad, it's all here. In addition, you can also find thousands of masks, batik cloth, to the ancient artifacts of Indonesian relics that are second to none. This modern tourist area was established since March 9, 2014 ago, with an area of 3.4 hectares.

Museum Angkut itself is designed in such a way, so you must surround the entire museum before you find the exit. Overall, the Museum of Angkut is divided into several sections. That area themed Asia, America, to Europe.

One that really impressed Odon was the European zone filled with the horse-drawn carriages of Banyuwangi and the ancient European cars. You can find more than 300 antique car collections in top condition.

Furious and shiny. Like Graham-Paige 610 output 1928, Ford Model A 3300cc output 1929, Holden Special (EJ and EH) 4th generation, Chevrolet Bel Air lansiran 1950, Willys Overland 4 Tourep in 1920, to the tiny Heinkel Kabine output 1957. Zone of heaven for you lovers of classic cars!

In addition, there is a Sunda Kelapa Zone filled with various ancient transportation equipment of Indonesia. Such as pedicab, bemo, ontel bike, Astrea motor, railway machine, and many more. There is also a miniature wooden ship that is very neat kerapihannya.

Uniquely, here you can also find Tucuyi electric car owned by Dahlan Iskan who had an accident in Magetan a few years ago. The red is left in a ruined state, just like the original condition when it crashed.

After passing through the transportation zone, you are guaranteed to be mesmerized as you enter the Broadway zones, Paris, Las Vegas, London, and Hollywood. The entire building is designed beautifully and beautifully. So good, you'll feel as if you're in real Europe and America!

There is a beautiful miniature Eiffel Tower, Hulk statue, Transformers, and much more. There is also a perfect English flower garden to make your photo.

Advice from Odon, it's good if you visit Museum of Transportation during the day. Natural sunlight is guaranteed to make your photo look more Instagramable.

Satisfied around, you will arrive at the Floating Market area aka food court. Designed like a pier, you can relax enjoying the lunch by the river accompanied by the cool of the wind.

To buy food, you must use Floating Market Card Floating Market. There are dozens of traditional food stalls you can find.

Such as Cwiemie Malang, Tofu Telor, Ice Puter, Sego Tiwul, Getuk, Lekker, Soto Betawi, Bakso Dipup, Es Dawet, Bakar Bread, Bapao, Es Tong Tong, Menjes, and many more. Museum Angkut also provides a massage place that you can visit after tired exploring all day, you know!

About the price of food, Museum Angkut apply a very affordable price. Just imagine, you can get six pieces of fried food at a price of Rp 10 thousand only. As for a portion of Cwie Mie Malang priced Rp 16 thousand.

To get into the Museum of Angkut, you have to pay Rp 8 thousand parking for a regular car. As for you who come with a group, have to pay Rp 10 thousand for ELF and Rp 20 thousand for the bus.

Entrance tickets priced Rp 100 thousand for the weekend and red dates. For weekdays (Monday-Friday) charged Rp 70 thousand only.

It is important to remember that the Museum of Transportation provides special rates for professional cameras that you carry. For the mirrorless camera and DSLR must pay an additional fee of Rp 30 thousand.

Interested to pay a visit to Museum Angkut?