Error malfunction on Xiaomi Redmi 5A, 5, 5 Plus how to solve

Error malfunction on Xiaomi Redmi 5A, 5, 5 Plus how to solve

Currently, various vendors often pinning the microSD slot on the smart phone made. This is expected to accommodate the needs of users who want to expand the capacity of mobile memory.

In the midst of the use of microSD that seems to be a mandatory standard on a gadget, Xiaomi choose not go the flow on Redmi 5A, 5 Plus, Note 5. Previously, the Chinese manufacturer has indeed put some devices with microSD, especially early generation devices.

However, for some time later and forward, Xiaomi asserted will not complement the product with a microSD slot.

"For high-performance devices, we will not use microSD slot," said Xiaomi's Global Vice President, Donovan Sung, Engadget reported.

Xiaomi's attitude is not without reason. According to Donovan, his team did not want to sacrifice battery capacity, phone display, and additional microSIM slot for dual SIM-enabled phones.

More importantly, Sung claims microSD on the market that many are fake and deceive users. Thus, a bit of internal damage to the mobile system is affected by the imprinted microSD malfunctions.

"Users think they buy Kingston or SanDisk (native), but not.MicroSD is a lot of outstanding quality has a very bad, slow, and sometimes suddenly stop working.This is detrimental to the user.As a result, the application is inaccessible, data lost, and many other complaints, '' Donovan Sung explained.

The damage caused by microSD, Donovan said, often becomes a scapegoat for mobile phone vendors. "Users will blame the phone and the manufacturer, '' he added.

Looking ahead, Donovan Xiaomi's choice to deny the use of microSD start Redmi Note 5, 5A, 5 Plus will be followed by other vendors. According to him, other vendors felt similar things related to the use of microSD so far in a gadget. '' This will be a trend. MicroSD will be destroyed," he concluded.