How to Branding with a good and right way

For people who want to grow their business online, or for those of you who really want to build a serious blog for the long term, then the question - "How to do branding well and correctly?" - is a must.

The reason?

The previous article about the importance of branding I think is enough to explain what benefits will you get, so please read (maybe you missed it).

how to branding

In order to create and build a strong brand, there are some basic questions that you need to solve first.

This is important!

Because even if you already know - '9 Structured Steps Makes Your Blog a Strong Brand' (which I share on the last exclusive material) - but it will become easier if you can answer these fundamental questions well.

Let us speak more deeply.

Understand and follow the steps below correctly - then you will more easily reach your 'Gold' in the online business that is / will be built.

Steps To Determine Your Brand Blog

Before you start planning an online marketing strategy for your brand, some things you should do include:

1. Define Your Goals

The first thing you should understand is, "Why do you do it?".

It seems like an easy question, but if you can answer it correctly, it will take you to the core of your business. Your brand!

To help yourself find the right answer, then try starting with the following questions:

  1. Why am I building this blog?
  2. Why do I choose this niche?
  3. Why do I want to help this (people) group?
  4. Why is this important to me? 

Please add your own questions that may come to your mind. Start with "why", and record each of your answers. This will take you to the real destination.

Becky Mansfield can answer the above questions perfectly - and you can imitate how she managed to develop from Rp.0 / month earnings into a gigantic blog with an income of around Rp.380million / month in just 2.5 years. 

The goal is very clear: to help mothers become good wives and be great moms for their children. And this is felt in all the content in his blog.

2. Choose Your Personality and Image

When you have finished answering the question "why do I do it", then ask yourself this: "What is my brand?".

The answer to this question will help you shape your brand into a framework - where you will include your ideas, values, and messages. 

To help you get the right answer, try answering the following questions:
1. What image do I want to use for my brand?
2. How do I want to be viewed? 
3. Do I want to look casual and easy to contact - or - do I want to look formal like a company, etc?
4. Can I stick with that identity over time? 

Especially for the last question, this is the most important - because your visitors need a consistent and solid identity. Your ability to show consistency to the brand that is displayed will greatly determine the loyalty of your visitors or customers.

3. Determine Your More Value

After you finish choosing how you want to look in the eyes of the visitor or the consumer, then the next answer is the question: "Who am I really?".

The answer to this question will let you know the value of what you offer to the visitors or consumers of your blog. 

The answer to this question will let you know the value of what you offer to the visitors or consumers of your blog.

It will also help you stay consistent with the brand image you set before.

For example to make it easier for you:

Beginning in October yesterday I was asked to build a website for a Young Designer homeland new career pioneer. 

The general theme of the web is definitely Fashion, while the niche taken is Street Fashion and Monochrome Style.

Then what is the value of the product that I can lift as part of Brand?

After I noticed dozens of photos of the design outfit, I found that there is one thing in common - all the designs have a unique "cut" style in my eyes - though they still look very beautiful and exclusive when worn (let alone wearing professional models and photographers who are already ' go international '). 

Well, the style of the piece - which I later learned as 'edgy and modern cut' - this is what I then lift as more value for its Brand.

Depending on the niche or product you offer in your blog, you must specify More Value that makes you different from others. Can be a specific service, the product itself, etc. Without it, it will be hard for you to be known as a solid Brand. 

4. Define Your Culture

Integrity is a very important part of building a Brand or Branding process.
Whether you are an individual blogger like me, or you are building a website for your company - defining a particular culture and being consistent in displaying it in your blog / web will reinforce your brand.

As an example:

If you are an individual blogger - then things to note include: 

How you will greet or communicate with visitors - use the same language style in all your content. 

How often will you update your blog (adding new content) - as I said, "no matter how much or how often - but how often". 

Like what you will display content - including in this case is the selection of images.

If you build a brand for the company's web - then what should be raised is: 

How would you describe the company itself (a very important picture)
How would you describe the employees in the work (picture is very important)
What level of satisfaction will consumers get from your company's products or services

The always consistent and consistent description will make you quickly recognized as a solid brand by the visitor. 

5. Communicate Your Brand To Visitor

make visitors and consumers know your brand. After all the above questions are answered, then you can go to the next process, namely: determine the marketing strategy for your brand - make your brand widely known and get visitors really targeted.

And as I've promised above, I'm sure this description will make it easier for you to do the 9 Step Branding I've previously shared. 

By answering all the above questions + clear market research and lisis, then determining 'how and where' you are marketing your brand will be more effective.

Important to note!

Everything I share on this blog is a method for building a serious blog as a long-term earnings field. So explanation on how to do branding above is not suitable for those of you who just want to just make a blog to play adsense.

Branding process will only be useful for those of you who want to make maximum money through blogs (ads - affiliate - sell their own products / services). 

And that should always be remembered - branding is not a job you only do 1 time at the beginning of building a blog / web. This is a continuous activity as the development of your blog - there is also no similar success formula for each blog.

Dedication and loyalty are indispensable for creating a popular and financially rewarding blog. The measurement of success or failure of the branding process is not determined by how bad your product / service is, but how loyal your visitor or customer is.

Finally, hopefully useful and open insights! Please leave a question or comment - I would be happy to answer it.