New tips how to get Matched Content from Google Adsense

How to Get Matched Content From Google Adsense. Earn millions of dollars from Google Adsense is one of the dreams of every blogger in the world including me. But to earn a large income of course coupled with hard work and great sacrifices as well. Starting from building a blog, registering a blog to Google Adsense to tricks to increase revenue from Google Adsense. And all these processes will be experienced by every Google Adsense publisher worldwide without exception.

The discussion this time I will focus more on the problem one of the features of Google Adsense is "Matched Content". For senior publishers may be familiar with this feature but for beginners would be wondering. "What features of this Matched Content ??? And what is the effect on our Google Adsense earnings ??? ". Ok here below I give the explanation one by one.

What is Matched Content and how to use the Feature ??

Matched Content is a free recommendation tool that offers an easy way to promote your content to site visitors. Or in the easy language Matched Content function is almost similar to the Related Post. The difference is Matched Content is a gift from Google Adsense while Related Post is a personal arrangement.

With the features of any posts Powered By Google in the top right corner. As for the Related Post that we set itself looks not like Matched Content above. And how to customize Theme or Blog Template used.

For the function of Matched Content feature and also Related Post is actually the same that is to increase the number of Page Views. So that visitors will be longer wandering in the blog that we manage.

How to Get Matched Content From Google Adsense

After knowing what the Matced Content feature the next step is how to get this Matched Content. Because not all blogs or websites that already have Google Adsense account get this additional feature. Only selected blogs that can use this Matched Content feature and one of them is a big blog like The Verge about technology.

There are several things to note in seducing Google so we can be given this special feature. Among others are.

1. Number of Traffic

Some of my seniors in blogging mention a lot that to get this feature we have to have big amount of traffic every day. Even the numbers mentioned range from "Tens of Thousands" of PV (Page Views). This of course makes me a bit pessimistic and do not really expect to get this special feature from Google Adsense.

But it turns out the reality speaks otherwise. I get Matched Content feature with traffic that only ranges between 1500 to 2000 only per day. So the conclusion of traffic is influential in getting this Matched Content but the tens of thousands of figures are just a myth. Because with PV 2000 we can still get this additional feature.

2. Number of Articles

How to get the next Matched Content is a matter of number of articles in one blog. We must have adequate articles so that this feature is maximal and can further improve the PV from the blog that we manage.

From the last information I heard that to get the Matched Content feature must have at least 450 articles. But again that's just a myth. Because I get this feature when the number of articles in my blog is only 233 only.

The number of articles does not have to be 450 upwards to get this feature, I with article 233 can get it.

3. Site Monetized Optimally

In its official page Google mentioned that to get this feature the site must be monetized optimally. Optimal here does not mean displaying ads as much as let alone nowadays Google Adsense ad placement is no longer restricted.

Optimal means we place ads in accordance with Google's TOS without violating anything that is not allowed. How to optimize the monetization of this site can be various. Among others are :

Type experiments, ad placements and sizes.

4. Consistent Article Writing

Actually this is not mentioned in the official Google page on Matched Content or Matched Content. But in my opinion this regular article update is very important. The reason is to provide freshness to our loyal readers of our blog and also for Google to consider our blog is still active and in optimum monetization.

Besides writing articles regularly can also make our hands more flexible in typing and synchronization with our brain in stringing words. Of course there are many other benefits of regularly updated blogs that we manage.

So the discussion about What is Matched Content ?? How to Get Matched Content From Google Adsense and How to Put Matched Content into your blog. Hopefully this article useful. thanks.