How to increase post ranking by good blog design

How to determine the best blog design is an important step for you to think about - if you really want to build a blog for the long term.

As I have mentioned in an article on how to create a cool blog, I purposely placed it in the first place.


You already know if Content is King - this can not be denied. But a king would need a queen to complete it. And yes, Blog Design is the Queen.

blog design.png

Quality content does affect rank and authority, marketing will also give you a potential targeted audience, but it will be useless / does not give the maximum effect if your blog design is bad / less interesting.

How your blog looks is what determines whether your content and marketing strategy will lead you to success - or it should go back to feeling a failure.

Perhaps you've wondered, 'Why would a company willingly spend millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars just to get a logo and perfect color to fit their brand?'.

The answer is simple. Because these companies believe in Data - that 80% of the information is transmitted through sight.

A cool blog design can keep your visitors coming back - linger over reading the quality content you serve - and see you as an authority figure.

Still remember the formula?

Time on Site = Blog Quality = Rank
Authority = Trust = More Sales (Money)

This also includes one of Onpage SEO strategies, it does not always give quick results - but 99% will make your blog last long while already on page 1 SERP.

Then, how to determine a proper blog design?

Here are some things you should look at!

6 Important Things Of The Blog Design That Determine Your Success

Your Blog Header

This is the first part that your visitors will see. Headers like your business card. In addition to the name of your blog, the selection of fonts - colors - images - to the background is very important to consider carefully.

The better and the more accurate you create headers that fit your niche and brand - the easier it is you also make visitors see your blog as a figure who has authority.

Make Sure Stay Simple with Neat Navigation

Because your 'goal' is to make visitors feel at home in your blog, make sure your blog still looks simple with the buttons (links) navigation neatly arranged.

Your Visitor is sufficiently stressed with all the problems that he faces, so do not add to the look of your messed up blog with a confusing navigation link. Your visitor will definitely leave your blog.

The things I mentioned above include among others about ad placement. Too much stuffing your blog with ads will not make your income grow significantly - this will actually make visitors judge your blog as a bad blog.

Select Theme or Match Template

Blog beauty certainly should look different from automotive blogs - tutorial blogs should certainly look different with blog wallpaper - blog magazine of course should look different with personal blog - dll.

Therefore, choose the theme / template that best suits the industry (common theme) or niche you are working on.

Select Fonts and Matches

This is still related to the previous point.

I know if most of the bloggers (especially beginners), certainly reluctant to spend money to buy a theme / template premium - especially if you have to pay for professional blog design services. Therefore, you can do a little customization on the theme / template you use - that is by setting the colors and fonts.

Choose the basic colors and basic fonts that best suit the niche blog or with the brand you want to plant to the visitor.


  • Do not wear more than 4 colors in your blog - use 3 colors, where 1 is the most dominant and 2 as a complementary color is the best choice.
  • For fonts, at least you can also use 3 types of fonts, 1 for article titles - 1 for widgets (sidebar) - and 1 for article content.

Make sure Theme / Templates are Compatible and Responsive

This does not seem to me to explain in detail anymore - you certainly already understand if now is the era of mobile.

So make sure to use themes / templates that already support HTML 5, the most intuitive programming language that integrates compatibility and responsiveness.

This way you will guarantee that your blog will not lose readers from any device they use.

Fast Loading

The latter is very important for your attention.

Data certainly will not lie, that the speed of loading your blog has a close correlation with your blog ranking.

And the fact is, beautiful blog design - functional - and high resolution does not have to be heavy and slow.


Do we have to use the services of blog designers?

If the blog that you build is intended to be a long-term income and you have the funds, then my answer is better yes. This is especially if your coding skills are also very minimal.

But if you have little knowledge about coding or not lazy to read the tutorial (should if you want to succeed), then my answer is not necessary. There are so many ready-made themes / templates out there. Everything is on average as needed and very easy to customize.

So, congratulations to customize the design of your blog! Hopefully the explanation above is quite enlightening.