Interview with Alicia Chanzia 'Acha' JKT48 Full English Translation

Odon: What Do You Do During JKT48 Joining?
Acha: Actually JKT48 can be a gathering place where I can experience a lot. In a way, I could not sing at all. Here I learned to sing, I also can not dance at all and here I learn to dance. Until this moment there was something new that I did in JKT48 which is one part of JKT48 Band and JKT48 Dance Project. I think that as one of the achievements that I have made in JKT48 because here I can learn more dance in the sense level up to the top. If in JKT48 Band I became a drummer, it's one of the first things I do because it was from the first, from childhood has never played a musical instrument. And here I am learning a musical instrument, playing drums. 

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Odon: What Reasons You Want To Join In JKT48?
Acha: The first reason, actually I'm the person can be spelled out not bored yes but can not be silent. So, I had time to think what to do after I came home from school, I could not stay home, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, I think my life would be so boring. If for example in JKT48 you can say we have activities after school, so I can more expose what I have and I can share with my friends. Even I can get something new from my friends too. 

Odon Team: Ever Feel Handing Over All Your Time Create JKT48? When?
Acha: Maybe sometimes I like to think often, my friends sometimes like to invite to go or hangout but on one side I say, "Oops I can not, because I have a theater", or I have a recording, or maybe I have dance practice . That's according to me, my time can be spelled out so much the same as my friends. You could say, JKT48 members can not feel what other teenagers out there and vice versa, teenagers out there can not feel what we feel inside.

Odon: What Wants To Achieve As a JKT48 Member in This Year?
Acha: Actually I want people out there to know me personally and also my team actually. So, JKT48 team KIII it can be said new yes meaning new formation continues after that there is our junior also from generation 3 and many other generation. Well this year, I really want JKT48 KIII team is more dominant than other teams. How the hell way, yes we must compact and I also really want to bring everything let the people out there know if JKT48 KIII team that can be strong and good dance. 

Odon: What Do You Want to Reach Over at JKT48?
Acha: Surely everyone wants to enter single or can people know more about JKT48. In my opinion, I want JKT48 to Go International. So like, AKB48 can be spelled out already successful Idol Group so be in Japan. Well, I want to do that. Actually we have a lot of people who out there do not know it was JKT48 got this yes. So I really wanted JKT48 to come with us.

Odon: Already Passing A Lot Of Time With JKT48, When and What's Your Favorite Time?
Acha: I like most when I eat again, do not know why. Because you can say, surely people have their own problems, have their own problems. But do not know why, the problem I was arguably more enjoy if I've finished eating like it just disappeared. Because if you think about going on it would be a dizzy herself, right, so I feel more happy when I eat and share food. That's the best I can, if someone else can feel like what I'm playing. For example I have this food, but I noticed that person can not eat what I feel. Well, I'll be more happy if the food that I should feel that they are more feel. 

Odon: What is JKT48 Implementation Actually?
Acha: JKT48 I think it's everything, not disgusting or how ya. Because all the time I've devoted to JKT48, you could say also some of my life. So if for example I have a timetable that I am definitely my God, both my family thinks, and a new third JKT48 friends. Well, JKT48 could be considered one of the priorities in my life.

Odon: What's the Difference Before and After Idol?
Acha: Previously I felt my life walking on the spot, like school, going to school, eating, sleeping and boring, too, if its life does not have any fun at all. Changes that I've felt during the JKT48 yes so, I have more activities continue I also have a lot of people who pay attention to me. For example, if we are again dizzy or how, open Twitter and instagram is like going to be happy. Because of the small things that I do aja they pay attention, for example I do things A sure to have a likes or not and from there I feel really so for me add forward. Although sometimes for example there is a mock, or sometimes there are angry, from which I feel they are very concerned to me. I feel like hugging, I am in the middle, I keep feeling the environment I like to keep me. 

Odon: What's The Message For Fans?
Acha: Actually JKT48 practically Idol Group or an entertainment that has many fansnya and we as a member was difficult also to achieve an achievement. Well, practically fans are something that can not be expressed in words if for example seen from myself that I do not have people whom I idolized as much as they idolize us-us. So I thought if I did not have an idol or artist that I really idolized and really I devote all the energy, all just for him but here I feel our fans who are tired of coming home to work watching us, there sousenkyo them support us, I feel they really appreciate me as an idol and I appreciate them as my fans.