Interview with Michelle Christo JKT48 Full English Translation

Odon: What Do You Do During JKT48 Joining?
Michelle: What I've done for almost 4 years is a lot, ranging from senbatsu then I also had time to chance for shooting in Japan. So, quite a lot.

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Odon: What Reasons You Want To Join In JKT48?
Michelle: Because I used to like Japan, too, usually when the other guys are animated. Well I just prefer J-Culture and J-Pop.

Odon Team: Ever Feel Handing Over All Your Time Create JKT48? When?
Michelle: Yes definitely ever, because it is still JKT48 activities most afternoons but if there is a relationship with the client so there must be a morning even from dawn. TV shows also, it's different hours especially if the live would not go to school, school permit must be tired and family also rarely meet.

Odon: What Wants To Achieve As a JKT48 Member in This Year?
Michelle: All members of the dream must be the same, can be a concert in GBK but if I personally really want to play movies, want to try something new.

Odon: What Do You Want to Reach Over at JKT48?
Michelle: A lot of it because JKT48 is idol right, idol that if in Japan there can be like MC, can play movies, can sing, can dance, funny also so that will be achieved actually a lot really just I want to focus on acting world.

Odon: Already Passing A Lot Of Time With JKT48, When and What's Your Favorite Time?
Michelle: If for example there are out-of-town events with members, it's definitely stay. Well there, we can stop at other member rooms, stories, go-going to eat dinner the next day, the streets where so the same as the other members.

Odon: What is JKT48 Implementation Actually?
Michelle: JKT48 I think it's like a family, in addition to have families at home. Here I already think lauyaknya own family because I am here is long and every day meet also. If we had not considered this a family, we would not have been able to advance.

Odon: What's the Difference Before and After Idol?
Michelle: Now maybe I'm more disciplined, yes, because I was a lazy person always wake up always day. Here it must be a morning event out of town, for example alone must wake up must be morning, should not be careless because it will be missed.

Odon: What's The Message For Fans?
Michelle: Continue to support JKT48, support me too, for the future let's fight together to achieve a dream.