Interview with Viviyona Apriyani 'Yona' JKT48 English Full Translation

TimGozzip: What Do You Do During JKT48 Joining?
Yona: I've been here almost 5 years in JKT48, which is definitely a lot of things that may be my age children can not yet. For example, learn discipline, how to meet with many people or interact with new people like what. Here also when viewed from the outline can be spelled like a job too, so we really must be trained professionally as well as utilize the time properly and must be aware of our obligations as a member. The bottom line has learned a lot of things besides dancing and singing.

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TimGozzip: What Reasons You Want To Join In JKT48?
Yona: If I've always liked Japanese culture, I'm interested. Ever see also on television there AKB48, well it turns out some time after that I see there is a JKT48 ad. At that time the ads were isotonic beverages, I kept thinking "Ick really funny, want to kayak so, want to use funny clothes" or like to gather together with girls. From there start interested to join JKT48 because want to meet new people too, register myself, thank God accept.

Odon Team: Ever Feel Handing Over All Your Time Create JKT48? When?
Yona: Once, I was tired from the beginning of JKT48's education. Although JKT48 activities are always late in the afternoon, after college but almost exhausted. That should be used in the evening for friends to make a discussion on the task but this is used for the same exercise with friends at JKT48. Only ya eventually get used to dividing the time.

Odon: What Wants To Achieve As a JKT48 Member in This Year?
Yona: A lot of it wants to be confused, but who definitely want to share with my friends JKT48. Just like our dreams and surely the fans already know, if we want to hold a concert in GBK. Little by little step there.

Odon: What Do You Want to Reach Over at JKT48?
Yona: Want to be a center, want to appear on television more, want to known the crowd as Yona JKT48 so JKT48 not only there Melody and Nabilah but there is also Yona.

Odon: Already Passing A Lot Of Time With JKT48, When and What's Your Favorite Time?
Yona: There was a television show, a trip to HKT48 to our sistergroup in Hakata, Fukuoka. Well there met Emily (Yamashita Emiri) the same Rikopi (Sakaguchi Riko), so they are like we welcome our arrival really. There we also see firsthand how about if they are rehearsing, so we take their training and get to know the members as they continue to be so enthusiastic about meeting us.

Odon: What is JKT48 Implementation Actually?
Yona: JKT48 is like a magical place, so like girls, girls under the age of dreams keep coming in at JKT48 with their efforts and the help of fans, they can be something that is really like idols. So, from nobody can be an idol.

Odon: What's the Difference Before and After Idol?
Yona: If I had been a tomboy person, if for example, wearing a skirt would have to cry nowadays already in JKT48 start to get used to it. Apparently if you wear a funny skirt, too, try grooming.

Odon: What's The Message For Fans?
Yona: Thanks for the support to date, continue to support JKT48 as well, are both struggling to achieve the dream towards GBK.