JKT48 Reveals Reasons for Importance of Keeping Existence on TV

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As one of the group idols it is mandatory for JKT48 to maintain its existence through the works issued. Existence can indeed be created from any media, one of which is through the mass media television.

For JKT8 members, it is very important to maintain the existence on television, because remembering that they are the only idol group in Indonesia, and do not want to gradually be forgotten.

"It's important to keep our cuteness on television as JKt48 is the only idol group in Indonesia," said Kinal when met at MNC Studios area, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

"To maintain the excitement we have to come to the television let baseball people forget us," he added.

They are also grateful to one of the television stations, Global TV which according to him JKT48 has become a channel of container to present every works so that they can maintain existence.

"The television is very important to us and thanks to Global TV that already presents us are still exceptions in the world of television," closed the final.