Nagahama Neru blog: A great music show on TV, plus recent photos of Neru

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Nagahama Neru

Good evening.

A while ago, the broadcast of
The SONGS show featuring Ozawa Kenji
Shook my heart.

The beautiful words he spun out a few at a time!

They had so much persuasive power that I wanted to write them all down as a record.
They melted straight into my heart.

I've watched it so many times...


I wish I knew how to deal with blown-out areas in photos.

Thank you very much for reading.

___________________________________________________ posted 171022  21:42

"Blow out" refers to a part of a photo that is so bright all detail is lost. In Japanese it is called "white-jump" 白飛び .

Here are some recent pics of Neru. First, Neru wearing a smug smile and her check shirt with the black handkerchief in the pocket. With Nijika (left) and Naako:

And Neru in her new Nagasaki souvenir hoodie. "Champon" is the famous Nagasaki noodle dish.

And here are some photos from various magazine features. With the new single being released in two days, the Keyakizaka46 magazine features are pouring in: