Nogizaka46 Hori Miona first photobook 'Kimirashisa', all you need to know

Nogizaka46 Hori Miona 1st PB - Kimirashisa.jpg

The title of the first solo photobook member Nogizaka46 Hori Miona to be released next November has been revealed.

Through the official Twitter account, it was announced that the title of Hori's photobook is 'Kimirashisa [君 ら し さ = Your Personality]'.

On her official blog, Miona Hori wrote,"My photobook title has been decided 'Kamirashisa', what about my personality? Although I always think about it but I'm not sure what I'm thinking I'm so glad if you can see my personality through this photobook."

■ Hori Miona 1st Photobook

Title: Kimirashisa
Release Schedule: November 24, 2017
Publisher: Shufutoseikatsusha
Shooting Locations: United States