Nogizaka46 Inoue Sayuri Will Perform in "Musical Drama -Yakyoku- nocturn"

Nogizaka46 Inoue Sayuri - Yakyoku nocturn.jpg

Member Nogizaka46 Inoue Sayuri will perform in 'Musical Drama' Yakyoku 'nocturn [音 楽 劇 「夜曲 夜曲 nocturn]' which will be staged Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse, December 14 ~ 18, 2017.

In this musical, Inoue will act as Sayo, the mysterious girl who asked Tsutomu [Kawamura Yousuke] to burn a neglected kindergarten.

Can appear in this musical, Inoue commented, "I am so happy to be able to play in a stage full of great players, I will play Sayo, a character with complex feelings, fun to get a job that is not just about expressing feelings but also there singing and other scenes in it. "

The first day of the musical performances coincides with Inoue's birthday, on this subject Inoue commented, "The first day of performances coincides with my birthday and it's like fate I got a great gift named Sayo-chan I'll try to grow more through this staging. "

Musical Drama 'Yakyoku' nocturn

Schedule: 14 ~ 18 December 2017
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse, Tokyo
Players: Kawamura Yousuke, Inoue Sayuri, Aono Yuki, Fujita Ray, Yamashita Yorie, etc.