Nogizaka46 Kitano Hinako alleged scandal with Chinen Yuuri

Hey! Say! JUMP · Chinen Yuri and Nogizaka 46 · When Kitano Hinako is in a relationship leaking! This accusation Dramatic shock to both fans at the DM spill! 

Hey! Say! Texts accused that JUMP's Chinen Yuri (23) and popular member Nogino Hinako (21) of Nogizaka 46 are in a relationship have leaked out on the net and it is a big uproar. 

The leaked information is a screenshot of a direct mail sent by a friend of Kitano, 

kitano hinako scandal nogizaka46

 "I suddenly excuse DM, I am a friend of Kitano Hinako of Nogizaka 46, but recently I'm socializing with Chinen Kun of Heisei Jump, making lining It iswritten that it is quite connected because there were some other JUMP members in the FF of the back straw because it says bad things of the same Nogisaka member Saito Asuka and is in a health condition. There. 

In the screenshot that seems to be a Twitter account behind Kitano attached by a whistle with a message, there are statements saying " Go on rice and cook nationwide chinen wrestling www " and say remarks that encourage Chinen fans, " Asuka, I was gentle when I joined It is a lot of time to be selected as a matter of time and it seems that it seems that you look down so much in anything, "said Nogizaka 46's center reporter Saito Asuka (19). 

Both fans are saddening in this outflow, Chinen fans said, "I 'm sorry or I do not sell fights. Who is it, Hinako Kitano, who are you f-ing in?" "Kitano, who is it? na " , Kitano fans " I do Kyi chan seriously. shock not eat rice at "," Kyi-chan probably a lie. do not a member of ill Toka minimum " has raised the voice and. 

On the other hand there is also the theory that the outflow image is a creature / intentional hoax.It is possible to create as many accounts as Twitter, and there is no information that can confirm that the leaked image is the person himself. "It's truly gaga, right?" "There are a lot of cool opinions such as Bunshun's scooping when these two people go out," "Writing is rolled out" and "It's ridiculous to make noisy information that you do not know" . 

By the way, Kitano has been out of physical condition such as absenting live from around August this year, and on September 17th blog "I think that a situation will come out that can not meet your thoughts and expectations for a while" And suggested long-term care. But "Nogizaka 46 Underworld National Tour 2017" 's "~ Kyushu series ~" October 18 performances have played a stage after a long absence. According to fans who are posting live reports, Kitano is said to have been motivated words in the return greeting. 

It is information that I want to believe as a fan for the fans, but when the back account of Saigo Asuka (19) of Nogizaka 46 also leaked before, it was written that the group's second term seems to have a lot of target for Johnnyz. Kitano is oddly two-season, and in addition, previously alleged suspicion that it was reflected in self-taken images of Janice Jr.'s Motoida (18), along with Nogizaka 46's Hoshino Minami (19) and Hori Morino (21) There is also. Furthermore, the fact that other AKB group members and Janice's talent scandals are successive also enhances the credibility of this doubtful doubt. The truth is ... ....