Onishi Momoka gravure swimsuit in first Photobook

onishi momoka gravure

Member AKB48 Team 8 Nara representative, Onishi Momoka will release her solo debut photobook.

This became a surprise announcement when Onishi held a live broadcast of SHOWROOM's "One Year Celebration" 5.30 "broadcast which he did on October 17, 2017.

The Onishi photobook will be published by Gentosha publishing company and is a reward of Onishi's hard work always broadcasting SHOWROOM live at 5:30 pm for the past year.

On SHOWROOM's live broadcast Onishi said, "I got a surprise from Gentosha in the form of a photobook offer for me, I'm very surprised, even to this point my head is still blank."

Onishi went on, "When I was asked," Do you have dreams? ", Since AKB48 I was always awkward to express my dreams, but I think I want to have my own photobook so I'm so glad when I get this offer.This will be a solo photobook first from Team 8 member, with Gentosha I will do my best. "

More details about Onoko Momoka's solo photobook will be announced later.