Explained, Is Publishing Blog Posts Every Day Reasonable?

"Keep posting bro! If it can be a day 2 to 3 blog posts / articles. "

Ever read or got advice like above? Or are you currently undergoing these suggestions?

The argument is always the same ...

Google likes fresh content. If you want to get a lot of traffic, then you have to keep posting every day. And if possible as much as possible.

Patient. Later everything will be paid, you will harvest visitors. Your blog will look prominent in the eyes of Google, your blog ranking will be shot, Google will love your blog, blah .. blah .. blah ... 

blogger writing his blog.png

Want to know the facts?

That was a big-Joke!

Unfortunately very many bloggers believe it. So that initially is actually a 'joke' to 'deceive' the Newbie - eventually becomes less funny again.

Even those who consider themselves not a blogger - and only use the blog as one means of promoting their business - also not a few who participate affected and follow it.

But if we write a lot of articles, keywords are indexed with Google also added a lot.

So the faster our blog is full of articles, the sooner the many keywords that are indexed - eventually the faster our blog also get high traffic from Google.

The answer?

Yes, it is true. But that will only happen if the indexed keywords get in on page 1 - not on page 2 to page of the middle of nowhere.

And posting every day will not make your keyword 'shoot' in your articles occupy page 1 - not in a short time, not automatically, and uncertain.

It is not a formula to make your blog flooded with visitors.

Then how should it be?

Continue reading to completion to be able to understand it ...

The Problem With Article Writing Every Day

You already know that the easiest and fastest way to compete on page one Google Search Engine (SERP) is with niche blogs - I've already mentioned the reasons. And of course also must be qualified to stay durable on page 1 and continue to provide income.

The problem is, with a specific theme - especially if your niche 'fires' quite narrowly (including micro niche) - then you certainly will not be able to present very many articles.

Now imagine if you have to post at least 1 article every day, then in just 3 months you have to make about 90 articles. It also should not be similar / shoot the same keyword - or you will be considered to make duplicate content by Google.

I am sure you will be overwhelmed, you will quickly run out of ideas. You will have nothing left to offer.

Then how after that? What will you post in your blog?


Do you want to work unpaid?

At a minimum, at least you expect a smile and a thank you.

The same should also apply with your article. If you can not generate sales / get leads / get comments / get share - then at least of course you expect someone to read your article (in the sense of actually reading it).

The problem is, if every day your concentration is only spent on writing articles - then how do you promote your articles. Especially if you pursue to post 2 to 3 articles per day, of course you are increasingly not focused in distributing what you have painstakingly written.

Then, why would you write an article if no one read it?

Waiting for the article to break page 1? Are you sure if the writing is in the order of the top 10 SERP?

Never Do Posting Only to Add Blog Content

Pay attention!

What I am saying in this article is not meant to make you think that quantity is not important.
Quantity remains important - but quality is much more important.
Google is different from a few years ago. Google used to have liked blogs that have a lot of content volume, but now no longer like that.

Currently Google has changed considerably in assessing the quality of a blog - as I mentioned in a previous article on SEO that applies for now and the future.

So you do not need to post articles every day if you want to get attention and 'satisfy' Google - because in fact Google does not care about it. Satisfy your visitors, make them send a positive UX signal to Google - then by itself Google will pay attention to your blog.

If you want to pay attention, the evidence is quite scattered. There are many blogs that are updated only once a week - 2 weeks - and even only once a month, but the traffic remains stable - even tends to go up.

The majority of my own main blogs are also mostly not yet reached 100 articles despite being between the ages of 2-3 years. And visitornya also remain stable, the graphics remain positive continue.

Therefore change your mindset!

Post if you feel what you write it will be useful for your visitors (fun them). Post if you feel it will bring you closer to the GOAL you have set for your blog.

But do not ever post with the purpose just to make the blog looks to have a lot of articles.

Do not just post! 

News Style Post VS Blog Post By Strategy

OK, many articles remain important - but the quality of the articles is much more important.

So what if doing both? Is not it better if we can post every day and still provide quality articles?

Of course it's better. But can you do that?


You are an individual Blogger - you are alone with limited funds.

You are not a company that has many qualified authors working for you.

The reason big blogs can post every day with quality content is because they have enough editorial team. And even then most articles that they post also can not be said to really qualified to appear on page 1 SERP - although still qualified in the eyes of visitors.

The big blogs do not really care because they have the funds to bring in visitors by using advertising. They just need to provide the right (quality) articles to their visitors - and social signals will later help raise their rankings.

Now, can you compete with that? 

So, posting every day (2 articles or more) is only valid for News Site - not for you who is an Individual Blogger.

Unless you do have enough funds and / or want to build Web News, then you should have a strategy in posting. Not just for the schedule, but also for the content.


Because you want your visitors to instantly loves your blog since first come. You want visitors to remember your blog. You want them to come back - to comment - want to share - to be a loyal visitor - to be a customer.

And there is one additional problem I have not mentioned above - related to posting many articles every day in your blog.

Currently the internet users are crammed with so much content every day. Their brains are tired to consume everything. And if you do that too, then the majority of your articles will become no longer valuable in their eyes - no matter how good your article.
Basic economic laws will apply, the more supply - if not accompanied by increasing demand - then its value will be decreased.
What do you want if what you have painstakingly written becomes worthless at all?

I'm sure no one wants to.

So Let's Make It All Easy. Agree?

From now on, stop posting articles every day.

Post less frequently. But when you do - create an article that 'shook' them.

Create longer articles - with more detailed explanations. Make them say, "Wow, this is new ...."

Make them look forward to the next article you post. And prepare the next article (do anticipation - do not make it abruptly).

Do a careful planning with articles that you will publish. Establish a regular schedule - and follow the schedule you set. I always recommend just 1 or 2 posts each week - but of course you have to adjust to the niche you are working on.

Then what to do during the time lag between posts?

Surely you do not have to keep silent.

Use the break time to promote your articles - interact in social media - create your product - increase engagement with your subscriber - create backlinks, etc.

In other words, spend that gap to build your business. The real business of the blog you build. Real business that will bring you in the ranks of the Blogger Success.


If the article I've given above is enough to 'flick' your mind right now, then the discussion of why you should stop blogging now - might help you feel more 'bright'.

But before you read it ... I want a response from you.

How often do you post all this time? Do you do it just because someone suggested it to you - or because you do have a certain strategy?

Write in the comment box below, I'll be happy to respond ...