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Sister of SNH48's fourth largest Chinese idol group in the southwest, CKG48 has officially held a press conference and the opening of CKG48 Star Dream Theater. CKG48 also announced the debut of Team C and Team K theaters on 3 and 4 November 2017.

The press conference is broadcast live by the streaming video platform. Foreign media also exclusively come and cover it. Chongqing's new landmark has been born! CKG48 Star Dream Theater officially opened.

The first sister in the southwestern region of CKG48 is based in Chongqing as the fourth sister of SNH48. Bringing the idol girl and the fans' hopes of paying the boat of their dreams.

CKG48 Star Dream Theater is a CKG48 specialty theater with an area of 3000 square meters. This Theater is the largest theater of 48 GROUP including SNH48 Group and AKB48 Group.

SNH48 GROUP after nearly five years developing, has developed into the largest Chinese idol group. As a sister group of SNH48 in the southwest, CKG48 is based in Chongqing with the concept of "face-to-face idol" operation.

CKG48 together with the sister group will together become a positive female idol group, full of youth vitality. CKG48 is officially established, TEAMC, TEAMK will debut in early November.

Since June 2, at the fourth general election event SNH48 GROUP announces that CKG48 begins recruitment. Last month, CKG48 members from all over the country embraced his dream and gathered in Chongqing. Trained hard, and now will set foot on the stage of their dreams, delivering their shining light moments!

CKG48 has 36 members who will perform theater debut which is divided into 2 teams namely Team C and Team K.

Formation Team C consists of Bai Xinyu, Li Enrui, Li Shanshan, Lei Yuxiao, Li Zeya, Meng Yue, Mao Yihan, Qiao Yuzhen, Ran Wei, Tian Qianlan, Tao Wanrui, Wu Hanqi, Wang Mengzhu, Wang Yubo, Xiong Xinyao, Zeng Jia, Zuo Xin, and Zhou Yuan.

Team K members consist of Ai Zhiyi, Deng Qian, Fan Xiyue, Hao Jingyi, Han Linqin, Huang Wanying, Liu Jiongran, Lin Shuqing, Li Yuxuan, Shi Qin, Tian Zhenzhen, Wu Jingjing, Wang Lujiao, Wu Xueyu, Xia Wenqian, Zhang Yuyang, Zhao Zehui.

It should be noted that Team HII member SNH48 Liu Jiongran received a double position (kennin) as a member of Team K CKG48. The same thing happened to Xiong Xinyao GNZ48 Team NII who got a double position as a member of Team C CKG48.

However, Wang Lujiao from SNH48 Team HII was officially sent to be a member of Team K CKG48. Uniquely, the name Meng Yue is back as a member of Team C CKG48, but Meng Yue is not the second generation SNH48 Team NII.

The opening begins with a VTR containing introduction of SNH48 GROUP including EP, MV, event, and movie or drama. Then followed by a speech by the chairman of Shanghai Siba Media & Culture, Ms. Wang Jing, Tao Ying's mother who was also CEO of STAR48 also attended the event.

"The formation of CKG48, making the SNH48 GROUP team grow to 15, has now become the largest artist group in Asia.Siba Media through the stages will form idol groups with idol stars.

For a positive entertainment industry that continues to grow and create idol stars. CKG48 has a total of nearly 40 members, everyone next week will be able to visit CKG48 Star Dream Theater to see the two performances 'Di Yi Rencheng' and 'Qihuan Jiamian li' .

CKG48 will be based on Star Dream Theater, through continuous training and training, dreams, sweat, and effort that adheres to the concept of being a combination of its predecessor SNH48.However CKG48 can be where girls reach their dreams, "said Wang Jing's mother.

Finished remarks continued VTR congratulations and support from SNH48 Group for the opening of the theater and debut members. After that VTR followed the introduction of members of Team C and Team K.

Furthermore, there was a medley performance promotion of theater performances of both teams. The medley songs are 'Di Yi Rencheng', 'Ai de Mofa', 'Shangxia Zuoyou', and 'Qihuan Jiamian li'.

Members of the group sister submissions who were members of CKG48 entered and introduced themselves to the guest star, 2 members SNH48 Mo Han and Feng Xinduo, BEJ48 Su Shanshan and Li Yuanyuan, GNZ48 Zheng Danni and Chen Ke, and SHY48 Han Jiale and Wang Shimeng.

They collaborated with CKG48 members featuring the songs 'Wo de Wutai' and 'Wo Xin Aoxiang'. Team C and Team K members introduced themselves and offered flowers for their debut.