Review of Honda CBR250RR version K64A a good Motorbike

CBR250RR Honda.png

After a long period of silence, the high-ranking AHM officials finally made a sound about the latest bike version of CBR250RR. Yup ... that's some of Odon's article snippets from a dozen articles that discuss the ehm version of K64A will be CBR250RR. Had drowned and Odon reluctant to discuss because denied by high officials PT AHM with the sentence not interested, now as published Kompas they ensure that this version of ehm already in the development process.

"We realize the market does exist, then if asked for opportunities there must be. Currently we are starting the starting (development) in that direction, "said Thomas Wijaya (Marketing Director of PT AHM).

Earlier predictions of ODD in 2014, Odon actually found two K64A production code which is allegedly as an ehm version of CBR250RR. That's why we are pretty sure and dare to give a little leak though Odon change in such a way that is not too transparent. And thank goodness now that Honda recognizes developing this version. Stay when and what name will be carried later. Let the task of time that will answer it later. Motor bike 250cc two-cylinder Honda ?. Only a matter of time.