Secure and Comfortable Car Parking Tips Without Need Panic

The lack of parking space in big cities makes some vehicles forced to park in any place. Not infrequently, any parking just ignore the security and traffic rules.

secure comfortable parking car tips.png

In addition to being vulnerable to theft, indiscriminate parking actually disrupts the traffic rate, because the streets become narrow and eventually become the cause of congestion.

Therefore, according to the official website NTMC Police, there are some parking tips that are safe and comfortable without the need for anxiety.

Here's the summary:

1. Avoid Parking Under Large Trees

Usually people like to mistake by parking the car under a tree because it is considered shady and protected from the sun.

This precisely, raises many risks, especially when the rain and the big winds hit. Your car may get hit by sap, fall of twig or even more severe hit by the tree.

2. Do not Parking Near the Signboard

Like trees, billboards are objects that are also vulnerable to strong winds. Although the majority of billboards have been designed to build with a mature calculation, the risk of plastering the billboard remains.

3. The Open Area of the Open Parking

The car park on the concave soil contour also has a risk of waterlogging in the rain. If the location is inundated then the car parked in the area automatically flooded.

Instead, ask first to local residents or local parking officer whether the area is prone to flooding or not.