4 Easiest Strategy for Building Powerful Quality Backlinks

When talking about backlink strategy, then there are some things you should understand related to the development of the current search engine. Google is much more developed than it was a few years ago.

Google's robots are quicker in understanding a pattern and listing it. When a pattern is deemed 'bad', it only needs to press a 'button' to give commands to the robot to wipe out all the web / blogs that share the same pattern.

seo google backlink.png

This is the reason why when there is one blog that uses the backlink service from the 'A' hit kicks, then the majority of web and other blogs that also use the services of the 'A' will be hit kick.

Already understand now?

But when the pattern is still considered fine, then your blog will be safe. The question is, until when?

So forget the instant ways, especially if there are frills of the word 'easy'. Unless you keep combining it with various other backlink techniques that are still considered natural, then get ready to accept the bad fact that awaits.

But if you just 'idly' to find a coin in the internet - sure, go ahead ... just do instant ways to build backlinks.

There are still some bl4ckhat SEO techniques that can be used to make your blog visitors increased dramatically (though only temporary). Yet when your blog is exposed deindex or your account is banned, you still ok ... What is so?

Note the following:
Search Engines (especially Google) are now more concerned with quality than quantity. Therefore, backlinks that have more value in the eyes of Google are only relevant backlinks, contextual, and derived from authority site / blog. 
So if talking about the current effective backlink building strategy, serious dedication is required in the link building process to win the competition. Successful SEO is the accumulation of time - energy (skill / ability / knowledge) - and money. Point!

Steps to Build Backlinks Proven Effectively

1. Social Media

Google really likes Brand. And social media is the first place that best suited to introduce your Blog on the Internet.

Therefore, create pages in social media to introduce your Brand. Choose the most popular first, such as Facebook, Gplus, and Twitter.

When was it made?

Immediately after your blog online or at the same time the first time to build a blog.

social media

2. Register Blog in Web Directory and Blog Agregator

Some say Blog / Web Directory and Aggregator is finished and has no effect on SEO - that's bullsh*it

The facts:

There are so many blog directories that get deindex Google this is proof if the backlink from the blog directory also get the share of points from Google. If not, why should you bother to do deindex on web sites / blog directories?

To consider is just select blog directory that has a high PR. Do not need much, just register your blog to 2 - 4 blog / web directory and aggregator.

When was it made?

After the blog is old (depending on the unity of each blog / web directory and aggregator) or after the blog has enough content.

3. Create Backlink Profile

I'm sure you've often read posts that share on how to plant backlinks on the profile page on the Authority Website. Some even sell his services to make a model of this type of backlink.

From some comments Thread that I read in the forums, some say backlink like this is very powerful increase SERP and the number of visitors (usually who say this is the seller or his friends hehehe...).

Some say enough to give effect but not significant, some say do not give any effect to their blog, and MANY who never even (lazy) to try it at all.

The facts:

The profile pages on the Authority Web are indeed on the "empty content / poor content" page and do not have any internal links from other pages. So it's hard for Google to find it (indexing), when it's indexed by Google-even the backlinks still do not have significant SEO value (except only increase DA and PA).

Does this mean backlink profile should be abandoned?


Backlink profile still provides high SEO value if we know how to choose the right and deliver / PR leak the web to our blog (note: Google still use PR, although the latest update is not open again to Webmaster - this is according to the grapevine and that I believe).

Even the backlink profile (which is really worth SEO) is one of the mainstay backlinks for my Moneysite over the years. And I never apply to the blogs (free) that I use to practice.

Watch this:

A common mistake many Bloggers have made is spamming backlinks to the profile pages they create on the Authority Website - consequently their profile page is deleted directly by the Web Admin.

You must prioritize to create a Profile Page on the Authority Website that has the highest PR first.

Or because the last Page Rank data is likely to be invalid anymore, you can see another variable, namely the DA (Domain Authority) score of the web-web.

How to choose the correct Authority Website to plant backlink profile

You must create a profile on the Authority Website that has the following criteria:

  1. The nature of dofollow backlinks
  2. You can create content-rich pages

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get Web-Web with the criteria that I mentioned above, because the structure of each web is very diverse - so can not be found with the footprint technique.

The only way is to go to each Authority Website, and see the profile page of its members.

Please... do not Spam your page! You certainly do not want your effort to be useless

4. Backlink from Social Bookmark

Some say Socbook is very steady as a source of backlinks.
Yeah that's right, but its a long time ago.

Meaning is over?

Not really. Sosbok is still useful as a diversified backlink and still quite valuable for SEO if implemented correctly.

Choose a sosbok that has a high PR (now see the DA) and is old enough.

How to Effectively Utilize Social Bookmarking

There are 2 ways that I use in using Socbok.

  • For Sosbok type that has similar criteria like Profile Page Authority Website which link its juice can be streamed / leaked to MoneySite, then I will also build Authority Brand of my blog besides making backlink to article.
  • For sosbok types that have other criterion types such as generally the majority of sosbok (can not create content-rich pages), I will just put a backlink to the article page.

Use a unique person or word name as the profile name. Create an account in some high PR sosbok just enough, do not need much. Later sosbok-sosbok this we can use for some of our Main Blog.

If the way you create a blog is in accordance with what I suggest in this Odon blog, then the four types of backlinks above will be enough to make Google glance at your Brand. And the following type of backlink will give you a Double Effect that will instantly melesatkan your Blog position in Search Results Page!


5. Create Contextual Backlink

What is contextual backlink?

In a simple contextual backlink is a link contained in the article. An example is when you see a link in this blog that leads to the Website or Blog of others. That is the contextual type of backlinks for their Web or Blog.

Google stressed that this is not manipulated, and the backlinks we get are really natural.

But with the 'thinking pattern' of our Blogger majority, what's possible?

Let alone give a link to our Blog for a little quote that they take, to copy the whole article alone they remain relaxed, calm, and do not feel guilty. No offense ..., that's the real fact

That's why I prefer to blog English and target Premium countries. From a picture (which they do not edit) I can get free backlinks.

Ok, back to topic ...

Then how next?

You have to build your own contextual backlink type. It's not blackhat, nor whitehat technique. You could say in the middle. After all all the SEO players will do it, including me ...

The cheapest and easiest way to build contextual backlinks is to create a lot of web 2.0 that you later use to plant backlinks to your Moneysite. There are many free blog services. Choose which has a high PR and DA, easy to use, and dofollow backlink type.

Remember the diversification - do not build web 2.0 in the same place too much.

How To Build Web 2.0 For Backlink Planting

Do not be too specific when building Web 2.0 that you will make as a place to put backlinks. Use the General theme that matches your Niche General Moneysite.

Why is it like that?

So you can reuse it when you build a new Moneysite. This is what makes the work of making quality backlinks for the next Moneysite feels lighter, and the new Moneysite SERP position is climbing faster.

Keeping the relevance. Few relevant backlinks (though from blogs with PA and DA are lower) are much more MAGIC than many backlinks from blogs / webs that have no relevance at all (despite having high PR and DA).

Other places that can also be used to plant contextual backlinks are:

  1. Authority Web / Blog that allows us to write articles (Guest Post) and install a backlink (dofollow).
  2. Forums (Common themes / Related) that allow posts with backlinks (keep the dofollow ones).

Pay attention!

The contextual backlink you created first is for your Moneysite Homepage page. After Homepage your blog is strong enough, then you can create a backlink to your article.

That's it ... Now it's your turn to do it.

Leave your comment in the comments field! I will definitely answer it.