The Right Car Option For The Adventurous Lovers

Owners of adventure souls are known to have high productivity. This is what makes the car has various roles to support various activities. Not only related to everyday activities, but also that can satisfy the adventure instinct.

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Here are some criteria for the car that is suitable for the adventurous lovers. Anything?

Ease in Monitoring

For the adventurous, exploring to new places must be no stranger anymore. You need a smart car to make it easier to monitor when performing various maneuvers.

As is owned by Nissan X-Trail X-Tremer that offers a variety of features Intelligent Mobility flagship, for example Around View Monitor is not owned by other competitors in its class.

This one feature uses a combination of 4 cameras mounted on the front, right side and self, as well as the rear of the vehicle which then produces a 360-degree image on the monitor head unit.

Drivers can therefore monitor the overall condition of the vehicle without difficulty, facilitate maneuvering when parking in a narrow space, to improve security when parking the vehicle.

Convenience When Driving

The adventurers also need the comfort of driving while doing daily activities. This you can get with Nissan X-Trail X-Tremer which makes the driving experience feels more comfortable with the Chasis Control Unit.

This feature provides driving comfort through three advantages, namely Active Ride Control, Active Engine Brake, and Active Trace Control that support the user's comfort.

Active Ride Control is useful for adding comfort for drivers and passengers to reduce unsteady on damaged and bumpy roads to prevent excessive shocks.

Meanwhile, Active Engine Brake is a technology that allows the driver at the time of controlling the vehicle and maneuver without having to step on the brake pedal. So, the maneuver can be more comfortable with the speed of the vehicle which is controlled electronically.

Meanwhile, Active Trace Control helps to maneuver smoothly, especially in extreme conditions by braking assisted by a number of sensors and electronic systems.

Nisan X-Trail X-Tremer is the first in its class to use Chasis Control Unit technology that provides comfort automatically when driving without having to activate the button. These three excellent features are ready to provide a fun driving experience.

Not only that, the roomy cabin is also a plus point. Its elegant interior design with leather upholstery and three rows of seats make the user look also more classy.

Ease in Carrying Many Goods

As a person who is active in everyday activities, the owner of an adventurous spirit also requires ease in carrying various items while driving.

The latest technological sophistication of Nissan X-Trail X-Tremer could be the solution. This car has a rear door with an automatic sensor that can open itself untouched. So, it can help the user when carrying many items without difficulty.

Power Tailgate technology in this car allows the door open and closed with an electrical system equipped with anti-flip sensor. So, no need to worry squeezed when the door automatically open because the user's security is guaranteed.

Not only that, Garage Mode feature makes the rear door openings can be adjusted height in accordance with the wishes and very easy. Really guarantee exciting and practical adventure!

Other Automated Features Supporting Ease of Drive

Innovation in Nissan X-Trail X-Tremer not only stop there. Auto Wiper settings are equipped with rain sensor pinned in this car. In addition, the Nissan X-Trail X-Tremer Headlamp is also equipped with Auto On / Off that can help you when adventuring in low-light terrain.

This car is equipped with headlights and remote lamps with LED type, LED is the type of lamp which is the most high technology at the moment for the vehicle, with many advantages compared to other lights.

There are several advantages of LED lights when compared with other types, namely LED lights do not require lsitrik that is too large compared with bulb lights so it will ease the performance of electrical systems that result in fuel consumption will be more efficient.

In addition, LED lamps have better life compared to bulb type lamps because the heat generated by LED lights tends to be smaller. LED lights also emit white light that can provide much better lighting.