Easiest Tips to Keeping Motorcycles or Bike Clean in the Rainy Season

For true bikers, motor cleanliness is part of the proof of his love for their partner. Show off the motor in a state of kinclong be a special ritual when just gathering and sunmori with the community. In the rainy season as it is today, keeping the motor cleanliness becomes a challenge in itself. One step that can be done motorcycle owner is to provide maximum protection.

motorcycles clean in rainy season.png

Jody, JDM Project detailer, revealed one of the protection that can be given is coating the motor using special wax. "By using wax, the paint surface of the motor will be better protected. Because dirt like oil so not directly attached. Treatment will be more perfect if using a sealant, "said Jody.

Wax circulating in the market is quite diverse models. "There is a model of pasta, there is a spray model. For daily use, the spray model is more practical than the pasta model, "Jody continued.

According to him, washing techniques to be one important step to prepare the motor before coated wax. The first one, choosing a laundry soap bike should be careful. Avoid the use of soap, because the soap has a hard properties. "Use soap dab to remove residual grease. In addition, it is better to use a special soap motor, dish soap or shampoo for hair, "said Jody.

Drying technique also can not be arbitrary. Avoid using synthetic leather for body motor drying, synthetic leather should be used on the surface of the machine. Because synthetic leather has the potential to create a fine beret (swirl mark) on the surface of the paint. To dry the paint surface should use a microfiber cloth.