Tips to Make Car Body Back Clean Like New

What do you feel? If you feel the surface of a rough car even though the car is shiny, this indicates the car paint is contaminated. Then, how to make it smooth again? You can use claying technique using clay bar.

car colors back clean like new.png

Clay bar is one of the car care tools used to clean the paint surface. How to use it is easy enough, cut clay to taste, then spread on the surface of the hand. Spray the lubricant onto the surface of the paint and clay. Remember, use a lubricant according to the clay specifications you use.

Perform this step over and over again, if the clay surface is rather , reshape your clay to get a clean surface. If you drop the clay, discard the clay, because all the from the floor will stick to the clay. And, you do not want the to rub against the surface of the paint.

After the claying process is complete, you can try to feel again the surface of the paint (plastic coated hands), and feel the difference. To improve the treatment, this time you can coat with wax to provide extra protection.

Keep in mind, if this is your first time trying this technique, choose clay with a grade level fine, to reduce the risk of clay eroding the surface of the paint.