Tricks How to Track a Friend's Location in WhatsApp

Want to track your friend's location, or share your current travel information? With WhatsApp Live Location feature allows users to share their location or track friends in real time with family or group at the same time.

With WhatsApp Live Location feature users can choose location sharing in real-time with anyone with a specified time. Duration can start from 15 minutes to hours, depending on user needs.

You can choose to stop sharing your location at any time or let the timer runs through the settings.

Launched from the WhatsApp blog, the new WhatsApp Live Location feature is also fairly safe, because WhatsApp guarantees all location data that is shared is integrated with end-to-end encryption. So only users who share a location can access the existence of that location.

One more, the other members in one WhatsApp group can also share the local time at the same time. WhatsApp will serve those locations in one interface via a digital map.

How to use the WhatsApp Live Location feature

Features to track the location of friends or users can be used easily, the way is as follows:

Open a chat with the person or group you want to share with.
Under "Locations" in the install button, there's a new option for "Share Live Locations".

Choose how long you want to share and tap send to share location.

Everyone in the WhatsApp chat will be able to see your real time location on the map. And if more than one person shares, the location will be visible in the group. All locations will be visible on the same map.

This feature is actually not something new, previously Google Maps has first launched the Live location feature with the same workings.

Live Location WhatsApp feature for Android and iPhone is already launched in the app. For users as a whole, both iOS and Android users, are promised to be in the next few weeks. We hope you like it, "as quoted from the WhatsApp blog.