Tutorial How to Play Keyaki no Kiseki Game Keyakizaka46 'Keyakise'

"Up the slope beyond that."

Keyakise tutorial game / Keyaki no Kiseki - Keyakizaka46 Latest Mobile Game

欅 坂 46 First official game application
Finally appeared as a documentary x live puzzle!

Tutorial How to Play Keyaki no Kiseki Game Keyakizaka46

Changing your dream to determination, trouble, hurting, crying
As girls growing up with their friends, as budget manager
It is "you" that supports, encourages and guides the nearest.

"Humility, kindness, bonds sparkle shining 欅 坂 46!"

Now - I hear a cheer!

【Keyaki no Kiseki, Keyakizaka46 game introduction】
◆ Story ◆
Total number 1800 episodes to draw out, all the locus of Yuzaka 46
You became a budget manager and there are four large stories
By experiencing, I will be strong and deeply drawn into Yuzaka 46

◆ Puzzle ◆
Easy operation anyone can play, Swipe x New chain style puzzle in chain
With rich rules and versatile mechanism, exhilarating puzzle experience
Cute Chibi characters cheer you up with dance if you build decks with your favorite members

◆ Card ◆
A total of over 2,000 original cuts that took off completely!
Could it be as good as an idol? Or ... can you make a tokime as a girl?
From growth to "awakening" - Let's lead them to the future you draw

◆ Content ◆
Full of pictures, voices, and videos that can only be seen here
That smile, that voice, that figure - limited to the application, you can get the undecided content
Let's collect rare faces of favorite members who are not known by anyone

◆ Member ◆
欅 坂 46
Ishimori Rainbow Flower / Yui Imaizumi / Rika Uemura / Rika Ozeki / Nana Oda / Mihon Koike /
Yobi Kobayashi / Saito Winter actor / Sato Shiori / Shida Aika / Sugai Yuka / Suzumoto Mihara /
Nagasawa Nana incense / Nagahama neal / Mizuhizu Miho / Harada Aoi / Hirate Yuuna / Moriya Akane / Yoneya Nana un /
Rika Watanabe / Risa Watanabe

〇 Keyakisaka 46
Shigeo Iguchi / Shira Saito / Kaname Kakizaki / Yuka Kageyama / Fumiho Kato / Kyoko Saito /
Kasumi Sasaki / Mimori Sasaki / Aina Takase / Ayaka Takamoto / Harumi Higashimura

◆ Sound Producer ◆
Yasushi Akimoto