4th Generation Members of GNZ48 Introduced during theater

GNZ48 4th Generation.jpg

The new GNZ48 member theater performances entitled Ouxiang Yanjiu Jihua successfully made fans entertained (11/23/2017). Ouxiang Yanjiu Jihua on that night was different from the usual performances, on the fourth song repertoire entitled 'RESET' hosted by members of the Fourth Generation GNZ48.

Members of the 4th Generation GNZ48 were officially introduced to the public and it was their first performance. The 4th Generation Audition of GNZ48 itself was conducted simultaneously with auditions of nine generations SNH48, 4th generation BEJ48 and SHY48, and 2nd generation CKG48. GNZ48 introduced earlier members of this joint audition result.

Members of Generation 4 are 6 people, they are Li ChenXi, Shu Xiang, Wang Mengyuan, Xiao Wenjing, Xu Jiayin, and Zhang Ziying. These six members of the 4th generation will soon follow the new GNZ48 member show entitled Ouxiang Yanjiu Jihua. Congratulations on reaching dreams in GNZ48 for the 4th generation that have been introduced!