Facts about Korean drama Untouchable you should know

Cast Korean actor and synopsis Untouchable. Korean romantic comedy drama series wrapped with fantasy scenes, and action re-decorate the Korean drama industry. In the final month of 2017 Korean drama Untouchable is scheduled to air on November 24, 2017 to replace the drama series The Package on JTBC channel. The drakor is scheduled to air every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 South Korea time.

Facts about Korea Drama Untouchable you should know

It seems that this K-Drama should be included in the recommendation of the mandatory of the Korean drama because besides the plot of the story is very slick, you will watch the actress who is very popular actor. Who are they? Let's stay tune continue to read this Untouchable synopsis up.

Untouchable's storyline will depict the story of the power and secret play that took place in Jang's family that is currently governing the city of Bukcheon for three generations. In order for the resulting story to match the script written by Choi Jin-Woo, the drama is directed by director JO Nam Kook who had previously worked on the Fantastic drama that aired in 2016.

Actor Jin Goo has been confirmed to be the male lead player in this Untouchable drama. This time Jin Goo will portray the character of Jang Joon Seo who is the second son of Jang Bum Ho's family. Jin Go's own name became more popular after he successfully starred in the popular Korean drama series Descendant of the Sun (DoTS) alongside Song Song Couple's.

Actress Jung Eun Ji is also presented to accompany Jin Go, Jung Eun Ji herself is a cast member Seo Yi Ra woman who is always around Jang Joon Seo. Eunji is new in the drama world, but in addition to work as an actress, she is also a member of Kpop girlband, A Pink.

Surely you guys can not wait anymore instead of want to know the list of casts and how excitement synopsis drama Untouchable this? Well here we have prepared a synopsis k drama more.

Drama Title: Untouchable (working title)
Title Romanization: Eonteocheobool
Hangul Title: 언터처블
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Action
Director: Jo Nam-Kook
The storyline writer: Choi Jin-Won
Network: JTBC
Number of Episodes: 16
Showtimes: November 24, 2017
Daily every Friday and Saturday, 23:00
Country of origin: South Korea

Cast Actor Actress for Untouchable Drama

Jin Goo is cast member Jang Joon Seo
Kim Sung Kyun is cast member Jang Ki Seo
Jung Eun Ji is the leading character of Seo Yi Ra
Go Joon Hee starring Goo Ja Kyung

Park Geun Hyung starring character Jang Bum Ho
Choi Jong Won starring Goo Yong Chan
Jin Kyung starring Jung Yoon Mi's character
Ye Soo Jung is cast member Park Hwa Sook

Son Jong Hak actor character Jang Bum Shik
Shin Jung Geun is cast member Yong Hak Soo
Park Won Sang leads character Go Soo Chang
Bae Yoo Ram starring Choi Jae Ho

Im Hyun Sung is cast member Lee Sung Kyoon
Park Jin Woo is cast member Park Tae Jin
Park Ji Hwan starring Goo Do Soo
Ji Yoon Ha (지 윤하) starring Yoo Na Na
Kim Ji Hoon starring character Jo Taek Sang

Jo Jae Ryong cast member Joo Tae Sup
Kim Byung Choon
Kyung Soo Jin starring Yoon Jung Hye (Jang Joon Seo's wife)