Facts and Details JKT48 18th Single 'Dirimu Melody'

JKT48 news English Translation: 18th Single to be released titled 'Dirimu Melody' detail how to download and all you need to know
Facts and Details JKT48 18th Single 'Dirimu Melody'

JKT48 will soon release a new single titled 'Dirimu Melody'. This single is the Indonesian version of AKB48's 43rd single, Kimi wa Melody. Dirimu Melody became the last single of the general manager of JKT48 theater Melody Nurramdhani who has announced her graduation at JKT48 Request Hour Setlist Best 30 2017.

The single has entered the stage of music video production (MV) which has taken the filming location in Yogyakarta. By carrying the concept of Melody own Java culture, JKT48 appear more elegant by wearing a uniform of Batik and Kebaya blend. Curious about this JKT48 music video Indonesia? following the trailer.

The single will be performed by 16 members of JKT48 who are often called senbatsu.

They are Adhisty Zara, Ayana Shahab, Beby Chaesara Anadilla, Cindy Yuvia, Devi Kinal Putri, Gabriella Margareth, Frieska Anastasia Laksani, Made Devi Ranita, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, Michelle Christo Kusnadi, Shani Indira Natio, Shania Gracia, Shania Junianatha, Sonia Natalia , Thalia Ivanka, and Viviyona Apriyani.

Melody's last single, she will be the center of the song. The remaining JKT48 first generation members became senbatsu also at the request of Melody.

Reportedly this single will be released in December 2017 and will be delivered for the first time in a special Handshake album 'BELIEVE'.