Ikoma Rina give a hint announce graduation from Nogizaka46

Ikoma Rina's speech during the 2nd day's 2017 summer concert at Tokyo Dome:

"Now nogizaka46 stands on this stage, from yesterday till today I want to convey something.

That this is a belief, I know ...

From before it was said, the person standing on the stage had to be confident

Both members and fans, many of you all to give encouragement ..

But I can not do it alone, and there are times when I hate those words

But now I understand, dancing with a smile to everyone it is self-confidence is not it?

I want to thank all the fans & members, and to everyone who made me aware of this.

Thank you very much"

The fans were overwhelmed, they thought this was a hint from her and soon to leave Nogizaka46. Ikoma Rina itself is now probably different member than her first 2 year career at Nogi.