Interview with Fransisca 'Sisca' Saraswati JKT48 English Translation

sisca jkt48 interview.png

Odon: What Do You Do During JKT48 Joining?
Sisca: What the theater has done, like appearing in many places because previously I always appear alone. From the first really like to join the singing contest then when joining JKT48 it is like learning how to perform in front of many people, busy. So, not to stand alone can be like joining with other energy. Well, what has been done may work with many people.

Odon: What Reasons You Want To Join In JKT48?
Sisca: Because I'm so young I love the world of entertainment, the world of music, so when I audition JKT48 I feel if for example it could be one of my opportunities to learn how to appear in front of many people in a professional or how to meet people who dabbling in the entertainment world. Maybe for my career in the future through JKT48, I hope that I have a lot of supplies and enough from here.

Odon Team: Ever Feel Handing Over All Your Time Create JKT48? When?
Sisca: Once, because I am now homeschooling or since I was in junior high school in JKT48 I am still junior class 2. So lauyaknya a little hard to share the time of practice and learning but Praise God to graduate junior high school can. From there I began to feel better homeschooling alone in order to focus more on JKT48. Then if JKT48 took up that time maybe it's the school exam so it's training until 12 o'clock at night, at 1 o'clock, so it must be smart to steal time to learn.

Odon: What Wants To Achieve As a JKT48 Member in This Year?
Sisca: In this year, Praise God I got a chance to make a solo debut yesterday I sang the title Mushi no Ballad, so hopefully my development in JKT48 could be better and hopefully many people who like the song that I sang yesterday. Hope so much chance to enter television and hopefully JKT48 Accoustic, me and my friends, Rona, Nadila, Aurel can add forward again.