Keyakizaka46 Watanabe Rika breaks new record in LARME Magazine

watanabe rika larme.jpg

Member Keyakizaka46, Watanabe Rika will decorate the cover of women's fashion magazine 'LARME' no.031 which will be released 17 November 2017.

By adorning this magazine cover, Watanabe Rika listed her name in the history of the magazine as the fastest regular model that performed solo adorn the magazine cover since she joined the regular model 4 months ago ie in July or since edition 'LARME' no.029 released July 15, 2017 .

Adorning the cover for the first time, Watanabe commented, "Though I'm nervous during the shooting process, but it's all fun, I'm really glad if this magazine can be seen by many people."