Nogizaka46 Higuchi Hina Starring Musical Drama "Koisuru ♡ Vampire"

Nogizaka46 Higuchi Hina - Koisuru Vampire.jpg

Member Nogizaka46 Higuchi Hina will star in the musical drama 'Koisuru ♡ Vampire [恋 す る ♡ ヴ ァ ン パ イ ア]' which will be staged from March ~ April 2018 in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka.

'Koisuru ♡ Vampire' is a Japanese film released in 2015 and tells the story of love between a human with a vampire.

If in the film version tells the romance between Tetsu who is an ordinary man and Kiira who is a vampire girl, then in this musical version will tell the opposite is the romance between Tetsu who is a vampire figure and Kiira who is an ordinary girl.

Members A, B, C-Z, Totsuka Shota who plays as Tetsu in the movie 'Koisuru ♡ Vampire' will play the same character in this musical and this will be his first musical drama. While Higuchi Hina will act as Kiira.

Musical Drama 'Koisuru ♡ Vampire'

Period Schedule:
9 ~ 11 MAret 2018 @ The Galaxy Theater, Tokyo
March 16, 2018 @ JMS Aster Plaza, Hiroshima
23 ~ 25 March 2018 @ Morinomiya Piloti Hall, Osaka
March 28 ~ April 1, 2018 @ The Galaxy Theater, Tokyo <
Players: Totsuka Shota, Higuchi Hina etc.