Nogizaka46 release 'Rhythm Festival Music Game' here is guide how to play

Full guide tutorial how to play Nogizaka46 Music Game 'Rhythm Festival' cara main lengkap translation english ...

The success of Nogikoi's game that has been downloaded by more than 3 million players makes the game developers interested to work with Nogizaka46 afterwards. So it was with AiiA I-SKY who decided to work with the rival group AKB48 is to release a music game titled "Nogizaka46 Rhythm Festival" or with the abbreviation "Nogifes".

As if not to be outdone by the rival who has released "AKB48 Group Tsui ni Koushiki Oto-ge Demashita" 3 years ago, Nogizaka46 also made other music games. However, the look that is in the game "Nogifes" is very different from the AKB48. In the game "Nogifes" it actually displays the video songs sung in concert Nogizaka46 as the background game.

The game "Nogifes" has opened pre-registration before the game is officially released. A total of more than 10,000 potential players have registered in less than 1 day via the official website that was released on Tuesday (7/11). The registrant will get a certain bonus. However, until recently, the developer has not announced the official release date.

Registration can be done through the official site.