SHY48 Zhao Tianyang and Zheng Shiqi gets kennin to Team HIII

Yesterday (24/11/2017), SHY48 via Weibo social media account they announced the membership status of 2 members of Team SIII. Starting from 25 November, Zhao Tianyang and Zheng Shiqi Generation 3 Team SIII SHY48 double position as a member of Team HIII.

Zhao Tianyang dan Zheng Shiqi Team SIII SHY48 Berstatus Ganda di Team HIII

SNH48 reveals the reason that these two members are believed to be able to grow and be responsible and in the future both will have a much better performance.

Team HIII will continue to work together and harder for a better future. The two new members of Team HIII will premiere the stage of 'Beautiful World' today (11/25/2017) at 14:00 CST.

Previously the same thing was done by SHY48 where SIII Team members position kennin in Team HIII. Liu Jiao is a member of Team SIII who got double status in Team HIII on February 19, 2017.