SNH48 7Senses 'Chapter: Blooming' breaks new records single

SNH48 7Senses 'Chapter: Blooming' breaks new records single

Good news comes from one of the SNH48 sub-units, 7SENSES. The reason is the mini group, which is 7 members of SNH48 is invited to appear in one of the events in South Korea Asia Artist Award 2017.

On that occasion, 7SENSES featured for the first time their second single 'Chapter: Blooming'.

Diamond et al bring the first major song single song 'Like A Diamond'. In addition to performing and entertaining, 7SENSES also earned an award with Best Star category at the Asia Artist Awards.

Chapter: Blooming, new single 7SENSES after the release of their debut single '7SENSES'. The single consists of 5 songs with the main song 'Like A Diamond'.

With its musical character, 7SENSES uses songs with genres like R & B, Trap & Twerk, EDM, and other genres. What does a single comback from 7SENSES look like? Consider the following details.

Title: Chapter: Blooming (绽放 / Zhanfang)
Price: 78 Yuan


CD, tracklist:
Like A Diamond (闪耀 / Shanyao)
Kiki's Secret (秘密 / Mimi)
I Wanna Play
Lollipop (棒棒糖 / BangBang Tang)
我 只 在乎 你 / Wo Zhi ZaiHui Ni
1 Photopack
1 Book of the lyrics
1 handshake ticket
In the second release of this single, 7SENSES will hold tour and hanshake in 3 cities namely Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Tour in Beijing will be held on December 7th and 10th, Shanghai December 17th, and Guangzhou 21-22 December 2017. The tour and handshake will be held in every SNH48 GROUP theater.