SNH48 Team X gets new theater setlist 'Mingyun de X Hao'

Team X has sailed for treasure with the spirit of adventure through their theater performance 'The Dream of The Flag / Mengxiang de Qizhi'. Over a year after year Team X plunged the sailboat of their dreams. Team X will still pay their battle through their latest repertoire or setlist titled 'Mingyun de X hao' or 'Fate of No X' / 'Fate of X Number'.

SNH48 Team X gets new theater setlist 'Mingyun de X Hao'

Told in a legend, there is a mysterious island that is covered and shrouded in mist. Legend has it that there lived a frozen daughter, the man called her the Ice Princess. Many people search for the existence of the mysterious island, but the reality is nil.

One day the girls of X accidentally broke in and landed on the mysterious island. They then search for the existence of the frozen princess and save. In their daughters rescue mission faces a fantastic adventure. What makes the island hidden? Did the girls of X escape the controlled fate?

Intrigued by the fate of the girls X? Immediately meet them within the first day (shonichi) of this new Team X setlist 'Mingyun de X hao' on December 15, 2017 at 15:30 CST. In telling this new adventure will be packed with 16 very interesting songs. Here is the repertoire of 'Mingyun de X hao'.

01. Star River
02. Zhinanzhen (指南针) - Compass
03. Ai to the hao (艾克斯 号) - Figures X
04. Mingyun de X (命运 的 X) - Fate X
05. Ice Queen
06. Battle Cry
07. Zhanbu si (占卜师) - Soothsayer
08. Shenghai zhi Sheng (深海 之 声) - Deep Sea Voice
09. Shuang Shenghua (双生 花) - Twin Flowers
10. Zuihou de Shuguang (最后 的 曙光) - The Light of the Last Dawn
11. Gangtie zhi Yi (钢铁 之 翼) - Steel Wing
12. Shi Zhong Hua (石 中 花) - Flower Rocks
13. Meng yu Xingguang in Haishang (梦 与 星光 的 海上) - Dream and Star Light from the Sea
14. Chuanguo Shuijing de Guangmang (穿过 水晶 的 光芒) - Passing through Crystal Light
15. Xin Hanglu (新 航路) - New Air Route
16. Fire X

Look forward to this new Team X setlist on shonichi that you can watch through Youtube SNH48 channel. What is the fourth stage of the X Team theater?

The first stage of Team X - Saishuu Bell ga Naru / The Last Bell Has Been Beeped
Stage both Team X - Saka Agari
Waiting Stage - 18 shining moments
Team X third stage - Mengxiang de Qizhi / The Dream of The Flag
Team X's fourth stage - Mingyun de X hao