Things about mew Korean drama Misty 2018 you need to know

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Player cast and Misty 2018 drama episode 1-finish. The latest Korean drama series 2018 which reportedly will air in mid-January 2018 of which is a kdrama entitled Misty. Action-themed drama series is the work of the director Mo Wan-Il assisted by the storyline writer that is Je-in.

Facts about new Korean drama Misty 2018

This Misty korean drama will bring up legal and thriller themes in which there is a woman who works at a famous prime news event in South Korea. One day she must be a suspect in a case. Then who will be playing in this drama?

Misty drama casts include senior actress Kim Nam-Joo who will portray the character of Go Hye Ran. Hye Ran herself has not been in the entertainment drama for so long.

On the other hand there is a senior actor who has previously played Korean drama Blod along with old partner Ahn Jae-Hyeon and Ku Hye-Sun named Ji Jin-Hee. In this Misty drama series, Jin-Hee will play its character as Kang Tae-Wook who previously worked as a prosecutor.

Title: Misty (working title)
Title romanization: Miseuti
Hangul: 미스티
Genre: Drama, Action
Director: Mo Wan-Il
Author Plot Story: Je-In
Network: JTBC
Episode Count:
Showtimes: January 2018

The cast of Misty Drama Korea:

Kim Nam-Joo is a character actor Go Hye-Ran
Ji Jin-Hee is character cast Kang Tae-Wook
Jeon Hye-Jin starring Seo Eun-joo character
Jin Ki-Joo is cast member Han Ji-Won
Go Joon is character cast Lee Jae-Young

Misty drama synopsis

The story or synopsis of Misty drama will focus on the story of a married couple with each profession and the case it faces.

Go Hye-Ran (Kim Nam-Joo) is a very popular prime time newscaster in South Korea. Hye-Ran always works hard in her job. One day, Go Hye-Ran becomes a suspect in the alleged case.

Hye Ran's husband is Kang Tae-Wook (Ji Jin-Hee). Tae-Wook worked as a prosecutor in the past, but now he works as a public defender. Their marriage has also been hit by problems and rocks that caused them to always be noisy. Kang Tae-Wook decides to defend his wife and they fall in love again.