Total first week sales AKB48 50th single '11-gatsu no Anklet'

The 50th single of idol group AKB48 '11-gatsu no Anklet [released on November 22, 2017] has sold 1,095,240 copies and topped Oricon's weekly single chart.

Whilst it's first day sales sold 1,048,400 copies

AKB48 - 11-gatsu no Anklet' 1st day.jpg

'11-gatsu no Anklet 'became the 37th single of AKB48 to reach the Oricon first rank in a row since the single' RIVER 'which was released in October 2009 and became the 32nd single of AKB48 that sold in the number one million.

Total sales data of AKB48's 5 latest single in the first week:

  1. 11-gatsu no Anklet: 1,095,240
  2. #SukiNanda: 1,082,988
  3. Negaigoto no Mochigusare: 1,305,747
  4. Shoot Sign: 1,025,267
  5. High Tension: 1,180,047