Unhappy BNK48 Izuta Rina wanted return to AKB48

izuta rina bnk48 izurina.png

Izuta Rina has not had a year to become a member of BNK48 since she was transferred from AKB48 several months ago. Izurina is uncomfortable and less suited to the culture and weather in Thailand during the adaptation process since her arrival to Bangkok.

"I may fail to adapt, have tried several times and want to survive to satisfy the fans, but it is very difficult, perhaps because of a culture that does not suit me." said Izuta Rina.

She also will not refuse if there is an opportunity to return to AKB48.

"Whenever I'm ready to go come back to AKB48, even if it has to start from scratch or be part of another beginner member I'm ready." Izurina added.