What is BNK48 The Campus, All in one Theater Cafe and Shop

What is BNK48 The Campus, All in one Theater Cafe and Shop

BNK48 again held a successful handshake and mini live event held on November 18, 2017 at JJ Mall. This event is the last event for the Ring which has announced its graduation some time ago. The highlight of the event was lively as the mini live began.

The performance opened with BNK48's overture song followed by a second BNK48 singles song, Koisuru Fortune Cookie by senbatsu members. Songs on previous singles are also featured again in front of fans. Initially, the Skirt song, Hirari is shown to fans by 7 members.

In addition to the performances of members, there is also a music video playback BNK48 for the second single Koisuru Fortune Cookie. It was also announced that the music video will be uploaded on Youtube BNK48 channel at 18:00 local time. In addition, there are also announcements about BNK48 The Campus and BNK48 Travel Show.

What is BNK48 The Campus? BNK48 The Campus is a place that will spoil the fans where there will be three different places: Cafe, Shop, and Theater. BNK48 packed all three places into one location scope with a land area of ​​1000 m2. BNK48 The Campus will take place on the 4th floor of The Bangkapi Mall. The theater will have an audience capacity of 350 seats. This sacred place of BNK48 will open next year precisely in February.

BNK48 The Campus will release the BNK48 Campus Card which is for fans to facilitate service. The provisions on the card are able to handshake with members at opening time, expire in 2 years, limited 20,000 tickets, order limit, and for student by showing 100 baht discount card with limit of 5 tickets per card, purchase must and only done in BNK48 Digital Studio.

In the event also played, a teaser video of the latest travel program BNK48 Travel Show. The program has been filming with several members of BNK48 who introduced tours in Japan. The new BNK48 program will air in December.