'Be a Fighter' is the new BEJ48 Team B original setlist theater

BEJ48 has announced earlier that Team B will be bringing a new theater setlist titled 'B A Fighter'. Shonichi for this setlist has been announced and will be held on December 29, 2017. B A FIGHTER will be the third Team B performance stage as well as their first original setlist.

BEJ48 Team B 3rd Stage B A FIGHTER original setlist.jpg

This setlist will tell you that the world is unbalanced, full of black and white aura, a colorless world. Smoke fills the whole world, people have forgotten their past and future, and forgot about love. Team B members believed to be reincarnated Phoenix will save the earth. Fraught with dangerous risks, defeated several times, got up and fought. The Phoenix in China is a revered being there after the Dragon.

Like other SNH48 Group original performances, the repertoire will be filled by 16 songs including the unit track. Here is a list of songs from the set A Bight FIGHTER.
Xianfeng Haojiao 先锋 号角 / Pioneer Horn
Su 速 / Quick
Feixing Guodu 飞ical 国度
[UNIT] Yi Tiantian Yi Diandian 一 天 天 天 / Day By Day, Little By Little
[UNIT] Shenshi Fengdu 绅士 风 / Gentleman Attitude
[UNIT] Zidan Riji 子弹 日记 / Diary Bullet
Xing Meng Qiyu Ji 星梦 奇遇 记 / Adventure Star Dream in Mind
Ben 笨 / Stuppid
Huaxia-Zijincheng 华夏 - 紫禁城 / Huaxia, Forbidden City
Hong Se Jingjie 虹 色 警戒 / Rainbow Alert
Qian Xing ba! Biyijie hao / Move! JSX
Ai yu Qianfang 爱 与 前 前 / Love and Home

The BEJ48 is temporarily still performing the waiting stage that has been going on from April. Senshuuraku waiting stage will be held on December 24, 2017, after which Team B will officially bring this setlist. In shonichi there will be two new members of BEJ48 introduced, of course they are already in Team B formation. Possibly they are part of the 3rd generation members, it follows Team E and Team J who have first introduced it.