Details on BNK48 third single 'Shonichi'

At the BNK48 event titled 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas', various announcements were submitted by the General Manager. One of them is BNK48's 3rd single titled 'Shonichi'. Not only announced the title, members who brought a single or senbatsu were also announced.

Details on BNK48 third single 'Shonichi'

Shonichi is an AKB48 song that included part of the setamp track 'Pajama Drive'. JKT48 has performed this song with the title 'First Day'. The song was created by Akimoto Yasushi as the original description of what happened to Team B before their debut theatrical premiere. SNH48 has also performed this song with the title 'Chu Ri' by Team SII.

Shonichi version of BNK48 will be titled 'Wan Raek วัน แรก'. This single Senbatsu consists of 16 people BIII Team. For the first time, BNK48 implemented a double center in a single. Music and Noey will take center positions in the single Shonichi. Here is a list of Shonichi senbatsu members.

Cherprang Areekul (Cherprang)
Isarapa Thawatpakdee (Tarwaan)
Punsikorn Tiyakorn (Pun)
Patchanan Jiajirachote (Orn)
Suthamphong (Music)
Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul (Noey)
Natruja Chutiwansopon (Kaew)
Jetsupa Kruetang (Jan)
Jennis Oprasert (Jennis)
Jiradapa Intajak (Pupe)
Warattaya Deesomlert (Kaimook)
Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok (Mobile)
Milin Dokthian (Namneung)
Kunjiranut Intarasin (Jane)
Sawitchaya Kajonrungsilp (Satchan)
Napaphat Worraphuttanon (Jaa)

In the list of senbatsu above, Jane became the only one who became a senbatsu for the first time. The single will be released in 2018, possibly in March.