Keyakizaka46 Imaizumi Yui Contracted As Model Fashion Magazine 'ar'

Member Keyakizak46 Imaizumi Yui has been contracted as a regular model of women 'ar' fashion magazine.

Keyakizaka46 Imaizumi Yui Contracted As Model Fashion Magazine 'ar'

Imaizumi will begin to decorate the magazine 'ar' as a regular model in the January edition to be released December 12, 2017.

Selected as a regular model, Imaizumi commented, "My body is not high among other Keyakizaka46 members, I think there is nothing I can do in the model world.When I first appeared in 'ar' magazine six months ago, there was a feeling that has never been I felt before, I thought "I want to work that is related to fashion and make-up! I want to be a regular model of 'ar' magazine. "It's like a dream."

Imaizumi continued, "I am so glad that I can be a reference for people who do not have a high body and difficulty in choosing clothes, I will do my best, yoroshiku onegańętashimasu."

Imaizumi Yui became the third member in Keyakizaka46 to be contracted as a fashion magazine model. Previously Watanabe Risa has been hired as an exclusive model of 'non-no' magazine and Watanabe Rika is contracted as a regular model of 'LARME' magazine and as an exclusive model in 'Ray' magazine.

List of Sakamichi Series Members Contracted as Models
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  2. Nishino Nanase - non-no
  3. Matsumura Sayuri - CanCam
  4. Saito Asuka - sweet
  5. Kitano Hinako - Zipper 
  6. Kawago Hina - Popteen
  7. Hori Miona - ar
  8. Eto Misa - Bijin Hyakka
  9. Kubo Shiori - Seventeen
  10. Sakurai Reika - NYLON JAPAN
  11. Watanabe Risa - non-no
  12. Watanabe Rika -  LARME & Ray
  13. Imaizumi Yui - ar