Keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru attending her photobook event

December 19, 2017, member Keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru is present at Fuyuka bookshop Tokyo in order to hold the celebration of her first photobook 'Koko Kara [こ こ か ら]' released on the same day.

Keyakizaka46 Nagahama Neru.jpg

Photobook themed "Seishun [青春 / Youth]" will be a collection of Nagahama summer photos. PhotoBook shooting process was done in early July 2017 and then on the island of Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is a hometown of Nagahama.

When asked about the value she gave for her photobook, Nagahama answered "510 point" with the reason "I tried to make it read as Goto [5 = 五 / Go & 10 = 十 / Too]".

Neru also revealed a picture of herself wearing a white dress while playing fireworks as her favorite photo in this photobook.

Regarding shooting in a bathing suit, Nagahama revealed, "To be honest I'm very embarrassed, but the location of the shoot is the beach I visited to study Jibikiami [catching fish with the net] when I was in elementary school because the place is no stranger so I can do it without feeling nervous . "

The first edition of Nagahama photobook has been printed 120,000 copies and is said to be the most printed in the history of Sakamichi Series photobooks, including the first edition of Nogizaka46 Shiraishi Mai 'Passport' photobook member printed by 100,000 copies. Regarding this, Nagahama says, "My photobook was edited by the same staff who worked on Shiraishi's photobook I think the staff's opinion about my photobook is too much, I'm sorry about that."

When asked for one character of Kanji who can represent the journey of one year, Neru replied with kanji "練 [Kunyomi = Ne (ru)]". Regarding her expectations for next year, Neru replied, "I want to try even better than this year."