Nogizaka46 won 59th Japan Record Awards 'Song of the year'


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December 30, 2017, the award ceremony of '59th Japan Record Awards [第 59 回 日 レ コ ー ド 大 賞]' was held at the New National Theater, Tokyo.

At the awards show, idol group Nogizaka46 who was nominated "Song of the Year" with the song 'Influencer [finally] took home their first trophy.

The "Song of the Year" award was again won by the idol group of women for the first time in five years since the last time AKB48 dimenagkan in 2012 with the song 'Manatsu no Sounds good! [真 夏 の Sounds good!] '.

Grabbing the award for the first time, Captain Sakurai Reika commented, "I am very happy though until now I still do not believe in it.We can achieve this award thanks to the support of the staff, the members who are present here or not, all the fans, everyone involved in Nogizaka46 . "

59th Japan Record Awards 'Song of the Year'


  1. AAA – LIFE
  2. AI – Kirakira feat. Kanna
  3. AKB48 – Negaigoto no Mochigusare
  4. Keyakizaka46 – Kaze ni Fukaretemo
  5. Kiyoshi Hikawa – Otoko no Zesshou
  6. Miura Daichi – EXCITE
  7. Miyama Hiroshi – Otoko no Ryuugi
  8. Nishino Kana – Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu
  9. Nogizaka46 – Influencer

Winner: Nogizaka46 - Influencer

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